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Icator updates - EU & UK visits

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios arrived in Brussells yesterday.

She & Icator president Melanine Vritschan are to hold mulpile thermal imaging scans over a two day period & an in person luncheon meeting for members & victims to meet our head lawyer & ask questions.

During the rest of the Brusells visit Amy & Melanie will be meeting with our lawyer to discuss her work & how to move forward with our legal proceddings.

Amy, Melanie & our lawyer then will travel to the UK to meet with Mr Barrie Trower’s home. We will be filming parts of our time with Mr Trower & talking with him as our technical & legal advisor.

Further thermel imaging scans will also take place in the UK.

We would like to thank all of our members & supporters for their donations, patience & understanding. With your help we have been able to fund these trips & meetings.

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