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NEW TI personal development program -  specifically for Targeted Individuals

For the first time, a Personal Development program has been done specifically for Targeted Individuals. The creator is Mark Williams - himself a TI - who is a life coaching and wellness professional with over 11 years of experience. 

Please contact Mark if you would like the following programme at

This program consisting of over 20 hours of material is a goldmine of all the information that TI’s need to become empowered and beat ALL the negative influences that are opposed against them. Mark has spent the last year bringing this product to fruition.

This program will…

  1. Put a sense of calmness, balance, and centredness back into your life

  2. Give you the ability to beat the mind control completely

  3. Give you the tools to heal your body, mind and deeper aspects of yourself

  4. Help you to become happy once more (despite your Targeting)

  5. Help you to be as successful as you can be

  6. Put you in touch with who you really are

  7. Give you tools to heal the trauma and psychological damage done by your targeting

  8. Give you the secrets to stop the physical damage to your body and brain and massively reduce the aging process

  9. Help you attain perfect health and vitality despite your targeting

  10. Put you back in touch with your personal power

  11. Put the perpetrators/AI on the “back foot” and put you back in control

  12. Help you be at your absolute best as a TI - your very best self

  13. Most importantly, help you to win your freedom in huge ways!


The program includes 10 separate parts…

  1. Goal Setting – the key to knowing and defining what you want and the first step towards success.

  2. Motivation – the key to gaining leverage in your life and pushing you to the completion of ANY goal.

  3. The Law of Attraction – the number one “secret” to taking back power and learning to manifest your reality.

  4. Beliefs – With limiting beliefs in your life you will not even take the first step. Remove the limiting ones in your life, install new empowering beliefs and watch your life take off! 

  5. Energy healing techniques – Energy is the key to everything and is what the TI programme will rob you of, if you let it. Without energy we can do nothing.9 energy-healing techniques are discussed that will heal, energize and recharge your life! These techniques will give you the energy to get your life back, work, do whatever you want to do, and most importantly become incredibly successful with your activism and help to win back your freedom.

  6. Breathwork – 4 simple breathing techniques that will energize your life and bring back the peace, joy and love in your life (when we connect to our breath we feel greater peace, joy and love!).

  7. Exercise – An often overlooked aspect to help TI’s often because of its obviousness. This programme states all the ways that a TI can overcome the many barriers to regularly exercising. It also states how we can overcome mind control and fear to get back to exercising regularly as a habit. Get your health back and start to exude vibrant health again instead of feeling drained from stress and weapon assaults!

  8. Alkaline diet – A key to getting back your energy, health and life. We are what we consume. If we purify ourselves whenever we put anything into our mouth then we start to take our body, energy and life back!!

  9. Mindfulness – All things start with “awareness” as the foremost skill for our success. This is why it is so important for TI’s to master this skill. Mindfulness will also help TI’s develop calm, self-control and more peace,  love and joy in their lives as a result. It is a key aspect in fighting mind control, negative feelings and staying in good mental health. Please note this is a programme in and of itself with over 4 hours of filming.

  10. Planning, Journalling, Routines, Qualities of Success – The “how” of how we succeed. These are the real essentials to making sure we get the structure and “smaller details” to succeed.


This program will help all TI’s regardless of your level of need, or how badly you are suffering. Even if you are doing relatively well or really well this program will help you improve massively to be your absolute best you!

The progam is being offered for an incredibly low price. The actual value of the progam is £2520 in terms of information. This is based on the fact that Mark cutrrently charges £105 per hour session for his coaching services. The length of the program is approximately 24 hours worth of VERY valuable information for TI's that Mark has spent his entire life researching, figuring out, experiencing and mastering. Now you get the opportunity to constantly revisit a cutting edge program that has helped many people through his own professional life coaching and healing practice of 11 years. Mark has been researching and learning personal development since he was 16 in all different areas and practices. This gives him a very unique ability to be able to help Targeted Individuals. Firstly, because of his experience in the field and secondly because he is a Targeted Individual and can relate to the cause. In this program everything is constantly related to the TI situation and addressed throughly and realistically to the challenges we face.

Mark has also been a leading figure in the Targeted Individual community for the last 6 years and in this short time in the community has managed to achieve...

1) The largest TI emailing campaign (by a very long way!) that has ever been achieved to human rights groups, the media, politicians, intelligence agencies and many more groups. 20,000 people contacted consitently.

2) The largest TI day protest of all time.

3) A succesful prayer campaign to unite TI's with a common vision that has been used in many conference calls.

4) 9 different campaigns that dovetail to form the first comprehensive united action plan for practical action to ensure TI's freedom. This is a global initiative.

5) A free ebook of 100 pages outlining the what, why, where, when and how of a Targeted Individual's plight and the main evidence globally to back it up. The most comprehensive and practical document of its kind.

6) The 5th biggest TI website globally by traffic.

7) Approx 50,000 social media followers for Targeted UK across different platforms which is the largest social media following of any TI platform. Main credit: Stephen Marvin.

8) A comprehensive personal development programme being the first of its kind by a qualified professional specifically for Targeted Individuals.

9) Plus many more achievements including investigation into the elusive DEW frequency.



Here are some written testimonials as to his Life Coaching work also...

Written testimonials | Mark Williams Reiki Healer (

Video testimonials...

Video testimonials | Mark Williams Reiki Healer (

The price of the program is £160 which is the absolute lowest that this program can be sold for due to the time taken and valuable information inside which is a life's work. This is only 6.25% of the actual value of this product and so is an incredibly low price. This can be revisited as many times as needed.

Please think about this in terms of investment. If this costs £160 but gives you the ability to...

  1. Get your life back

  2. Get a better job

  3. Earn more

  4. Gain back your health and vitality

  5. Form better relationships

  6. Help you to win your freedom


...then it is worth much more (even in monetary terms) than £160. Also, if you apply the goal setting techniques and practices you will earn back this £160 many times over but only if you use this program in the way intended. Think of it as an investment in you that is worth the relatively small asking price. 

Please contact Mark on the email address if you would like to purchase the program.

My YouTube video also gives a little bit more information about the program... 

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