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Thanks for joining us on here on our vision to free Targeted Individuals. My name is Mark Williams and I have been a Targeted Individual for at least since 2007 but possibly I have been on one of these programmes since birth or childhood in more subtle ways. I am also a Life Coach and therapist for 10 years now.

I share with you here my full Targeted Individual testimony that will give you a better insight into my history...

Targeted Individual testimony Mark Williams - Electronic Harassment, Mind Control, Havana Syndrome - YouTube

Please also see my testimonials that show that I am a Life Coach...

Written testimonials | Mark Williams Reiki Healer (

You can also view my other You tube videos and follow me on all my social media channels to find out more about me, what I do and the campaigns I run. It is really important that we stay connected. It also allows me to share and post updates on any campaigns I may be running.


Please follow me on twitter here...

(6) Mark Williams Life Coaching (@mwlifecoaching) / Twitter

Please subscribe to me on YouTube here...

Targeted Individual day UK 2021 - 10 Downing street protest - Directed Energy weapons/ Neuro weapons - YouTube

Please join my Facebook Targeted Individual group here...

Targeted Individuals Campaigns UK (official group of Targeted UK website) | Facebook

So once again please follow me/join/ subscribe on all my social media channels to stay in touch. On my social media channels I share all the campaigns I am running, helpful personal development tools, resources to learn about the law of attraction and information/ reminders to join in the prayer campaign plus much more.

Please also if you have any spreadsheets with UK Targeted Individuals contacts (or any Targeted Individual contacts) please forward them to me it will really help. Also, if you come across any spreadsheets with any contacts that may be useful for me to contact at all then please forward them to me. These may be powerful people in positions to help, Human rights groups, Intelligence/ military contacts or whatever. Many thanks!

Many thanks for your help, positivity and support it is appreciated!




Other Volunteers/ Contacts for Targeted UK

1) Ali - UK victim - Marketer for Targeted UK.


I am a UK based victim. I have spent a year gathering evidence & am the U.K Representative of ICATOR - 


International Coalition Against Electronic Torture & Robotization of living Beings -


ICATOR are a Belgium based Human rights organisation & represent Victims. We hold RF scanning events in a Faraday Cage & working towards an International Class Action Lawsuit.

Please feel free to contact me with regards to ICATOR & our Lawsuit. See info about the lawsuit here...


Please contact me if you have evidence that you would like to be included in the lawsuit or would like to leave a witness statement (if you do not have currently have any evidence). The more good evidence we have the better our chance of success!

Email address:


Please also contact me re any marketing suggestions, ideas or collaborations for Targeted UK.


2) Stephen Marvin - Targeted UK Ambassador and moderator

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting Targeted UK. My name is Stephen Marvin and I am the moderator and ambassador for the website. I live in the UK and became a target in 2019. I was attacked by Microwave-pulsed Directed Energy Weapons and subjected to Organized Gang Stalking, as well as numerous other crimes that included a false accusation/entrapment operation by local police. My 79-year-old mother was also victimized in a similar way, as well as another family member. My goal is to expose the perpetrators involved in these very widespread crimes against humanity. I can be contacted by email at or via Twitter at...




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