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My name is Mark Williams and I am a Life Coach/ therapist of 10 years and the owner of Targeted UK. 


I'd like to welcome everyone to the UK Targeted campaigns section. This is the most important section of this website. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION IN FULL AND PLEASE KEEP RETURNING TO IT FOR 'REFERENCE' AND 'ACTION'. This is where we need all UK Targeted Individuals and the public to please help with doing ALL the campaigns listed here. This will ensure that for the first time we in the UK community are on the same page and moving effectively in the same direction. Knowledge is nothing without action and this is why at Targeted UK we want to make this a website that's main focus is one of taking action and practical campaigns. This is much better than just a website that just shares information. We need to work at our freedom like we would if we were working on a business with business teammates.

My goal in taking over this website was very simple. I wanted Targeted UK to be a website that is central to our cause and gets us working together in the same direction in the UK. The issue with the UK Targeted Individual community in general is that we have many people doing their own activism with very little shared vision/ goals/ outcomes or effective teamwork within and across the community. In essence previously we did not have the in depth goals, plans or strategies to realistically bring this to an end across the whole UK TI community.


If we want to free ourselves from this we simply need to raise our game and improve dramatically in all areas. We simply need to do more if we want our freedom and we need to work together effectively. We only need to do a few things right to really make a difference but we need to do them well!

I am going to be very honest during this section as nothing else would serve us at all. I am also going to say that some of you may find some of the ideas that I promote about the law of attraction and prayer difficult at first, but please stick with them and most importantly use them! Then you will see the excellent results in your own life if you apply them consistently!! They are real principles that as a Life Coach/ therapist for 10 years I have used to transform multiple clients lives. They work and are natural laws (or how things actually work). See my client testimonials of some of the results I have achieved...


Written testimonials | Mark Williams Reiki Healer (

The only thing I ask is that each member of the UK Targeted community please support these campaigns by working through them one by one until every campaign has been done by every UK TI. We are also of course asking for much needed brave members of the public to help our campaigns and cause it to go viral (like it deserves to be!).


The campaigns that are central to this website are listed below. I please urge that people read the FULL campaigns section. However, the links below are also clickable for easy navigation in the future...

  1. The Prayer campaign (I explain why this is the most important campaign alongside the learn the Law of Attraction Campaign and why they work together)

  2. The learn the Law of attraction campaign

  3. The international mail merge PLUS visit your MP campaign

  4. The Flood 10 Downing street with emails and letters campaign

  5. The daily protest outside 10 Downing street campaign

  6. The ICATOR international lawsuit campaign

  7. The breakthrough to the media campaign

  8. The go to your local town meeting campaign

  9. The protest in your local town campaign

Please put these down on your to do list and set about working through these campaigns one by one until they are all ticked off your to do list. Can you imagine every TI in the country doing these campaigns? Then we would finally be an organized force that the UK authorities finally could not ignore! 

There are only 9 campaigns. These would not take up much of your time and could easily be done over the course of 6 months. However, the main thing is that all UK TI's join forces by doing each and every one of these campaigns to move us in the same direction towards the UK's shared goals above. 

Please note that I cannot do or run these campaigns for you nor can Targeted UK. I will also be working on these campaigns also but the victims of this country also need to take personal responsibility to organize these themselves otherwise we won't succeed. The information is on this tab to get you started and make them successful but its up to the victims of this country to make them happen! 

Please note: The campaigns section is quite a long section so I have attempted to make it easier by highlighting the important parts in black and the very important parts in red and/or bold (as I know how easy it can be to miss the important parts!).

I will now explain each one of the campaigns in more depth below....


1)The Prayer campaign

This is actually the most important campaign and the one that I am encouraging all UK TI's (and the concerned public) to join.

There are many reasons it is the most important campaign of which I list here....

1) Focused intent (i.e. prayer) has manifesting power. This means that if you pray for an outcome it will actually bring that outcome into reality.

2) This is what every true great scholar of the mind has said - that the way that we think affects directly the outcomes what we achieve. All these experts have just talked about it from slightly different perspectives, while emphasizing the Law of Attraction. However, the end result is the same - what we think about directly manifests as our reality. THIS IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Therefore Targeted Individuals would be well advised to learn about the Law of attraction and how this is operating when you pray (and even just when you think generally!). This means TI's would be well advised to learn it because if they have no knowledge of it it will still be operating anyway when you are generally thinking. This means TI's may as well take conscious control of the Law of Attraction! Taking control of your mind and learning and applying these laws and techniques are not really an option if you want to be actually effective in manifesting your/our freedom!

3) The perpetrators have created the perfect crime. The reason that TI's effort seem to go nowhere is because they are winning the 'unseen' battle - the spiritual battle (or more specifically the energetic battle). This means we need to not just win the battle on a practical/ campaigns level but also the spiritual/ energetic battle. Everything in this universe is energy (quantum physicists have proved this). This means we are energy based beings and so are our thoughts and minds. We are not really oppressed physically. We are oppressed energetically. This means that every time an individual complains about their reality it just cements it even more into their existence and oppresses all TI's more collectively due to the law of attraction. This is because thoughts become things! Our collective energy (with the intention of freedom) needs to outweigh their collective energy of oppression. When we shift the 'energetic' balance to our side that is when we will truly win this battle. Then people will start to listen to us and our freedom will start to manifest incredibly quickly. That is why we must pray and we must pray together regularly on the same prayer (see next point).

4) When people pray collectively (especially on the same prayer) we start to shift our reality powerfully. Our prayers hold even more power when we pray on the SAME prayer at the SAME time. That is why I created this powerful prayer for the UK community (copy and paste it into new browser)... that we can all manifest this reality powerfully together in the most effective way. The prayer is written in a very comprehensive way that includes all the important aspects that need to happen in order for us to manifest our reality. It also describes all the necessary outcomes that need to happen as part of that. Here is the official document that describes the prayer campaign in more detail here (copy and paste it into new browser)...  I recommend all reading this document before engaging in the prayer above for better understanding of the campaign. UNDERSTANDING IS POWER!


5) Please be aware that I recommend the PRAYER CAMPAIGN PLUS MASSIVE ACTION. We still need to take massive action and get involved in these practical campaigns that I mention on this tab. While prayer does have some 'direct' manifesting power you still need to take massive action alongside it as well! What prayer will do is manifest the opportunities, events, situations and people to you powerfully. Then the individual just needs to see that this is the prayer working and take action on those opportunities when they are there! That is how to effectively use action alongside the prayer. Prayer will also go 'directly' to the quickest, easiest and  most helpful source/ method/ way and things will even start to happen in some instances without any direct action being taken. Things can also start to happen in the real world without your knowledge that it is happening. That said we cannot rely on that alone and MASSIVE action is still most definitely needed alongside the prayer to really maximize our chances the most. This combination of doing both together (REGULAR prayer PLUS massive action) can be anywhere from 2 to10 times more effective. It can even be the difference between things manifesting or not.

6) Please remember that prayer is 'universal' and is not something that you have be part of a certain religion or belief to do. Prayer is neutral. Prayer/ the law of attraction is a gift that was given to all human beings in order to create their reality. Whether we look at or from a spiritual, religious, esoteric, energetic, scientific, psychological or personal development perspective it is all the same thing we are talking about!  I also want to say that regardless of belief we simply have to do what works in the UK community and give this a try even if we have never prayed before. So far those who have joined the prayer campaign have been saying that they have been amazed at how all of a sudden they believe. They know that they will be freed whereas before they did not (or they felt hopeless). People have also been commenting on how relaxed the prayers help them feel both during and after the prayers. Some people have also started using prayer on a more personal level also to pray for things like better health, work and personal freedom.

7) So to summarize prayer really is the most important campaign and the first step to ensure we are all joining in with the prayer campaign in the UK community. Everything is energetic at its foundation. This means we need to work on this most foundational level first (the energetic/ spiritual level) to enable all of the other campaigns (and results generally) to be their most successful. Regular prayer will enable all results to manifest in the easiest and most direct way. This is how we really take back our freedom and start to put things to our advantage allowing us to manifest this freedom quickly and easily in the UK. Please join us regularly for these prayers and you will know the power of it for yourself! We really need the numbers. We really need all to pray on the prayer that I have provided for the UK community here (copy and paste it into new browser)... Thank you :)

The daily times of the prayer campaign...

We will pray for 20 minutes at the following times... 

  1. 9am Greenwich mean time (UK time)

  2. 3pm Greenwich mean time (UK time)

  3. 9pm Greenwich mean time (UK time)

Here are some corresponding times in some of the main time zones around the world. Here goes:

(Mark) London, England: 9:00 AM / 3:00 PM, / and 9:00 PM (UTC or GMT)

Paris, France: 10:00 AM / 4:00 PM / and 10:00 PM (Central european time)

Sofia: 11AM/ 5PM/ and 11PM (Eastern European Time Zone)

Moscow: 12PM/ 6PM/ and 12AM (Further Eastern European Time)

New York, NY: 4:00 AM / 10:00 AM / and 4:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

Chicago, IL: 3:00 AM / 9:00AM / and 3:00 PM (Central Daylight Time)

Boise, ID: 2:00 AM / 8:00 AM / and 2:00 PM (Mountain Standard time)

Los Angeles, CA: 1:00 AM / 7:00 AM / and 1:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)

Honolulu: 11PM / 5AM / and 11AM (Hawaii standard time)

Adak: 12AM / 6AM / and 12PM (Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time)

Anchorage: 1AM/ 7AM/ and 1PM (Alaska Daylight Time)

Salt lake City: 3AM/ 9AM/ and 3PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

Beijing, China : 4:00 PM / 10:00 PM / and 4:00 AM (China Standard time)

Tokyo, Japan: 5:00 PM / 11:00 PM / and 5:00 AM (Japan Standard Time)

Bangalore, India: 1:30 PM / 7:30 PM / and 1:30 AM (Indian Standard Time)

Sydney, Australia: 6:00 PM / 12:00 PM / and 6:00 AM (Australian Eastern Time Zone)

If your time zone is not above then please adjust the time for your time zone/ country in this link below. You will need to adjust from UTC time which is the same as GMT or UK time… 

I will always send tweets out at these times as reminders on twitter. Please join twitter, follow me and then use them as a prompt to join in (no matter where you live in the world). I am actually paying for this regular scheduling with a scheduling tool called Buffer. I want to keep paying for this but it depends on the success of this campaign whether I continue. Also, please get organized by actually setting your watch or phone alarms/ online diary reminders at these times as a reminder every day. Even if you are at work or busy you can set vibrate/ quiet alarms to notify you consistently every day at all the times we pray. Then you are able to hold this prayer in mind while you carry on your work and it will still work. It may not work quite as well as if you take the time out to focus with 100% focus on the prayer (which is always recommend if you can), but it will still make a very significant impact so thank you! 

Please follow me on twitter here for tweet reminders at the above times - Mark Williams Life Coaching (@mwlifecoaching) / Twitter 

I really recommend that all UK TI's join Twitter. This is the place where I organize, share and provide updates on my campaigns the most. l also provide updates on You tube to a lesser extent - see link here... Mark Williams - YouTubeThis will really help the UK community if all UK TI's can join/ follow me on twitter and subscribe to me on You Tube. This will help us to work together on Twitter to encourage all other UK TI's to join these campaigns and work in the same direction! It cannot be emphasized enough that if we have one place where we all work together (i.e. Twitter) it will be the easiest and most successful. Also, I would encourage people to discuss the campaigns on this forum here and keep it very practical and campaign based. In other words lets not just talk and share information but lets take action. Lets actually get involved in the campaigns and work on these together to make them work. We have a fantastic opportunity that for the first time someone has come up with a full comprehensive set of goals, plans and set campaigns for Targeted Individuals from a certain country to help us work together effectively. Lets not waste that valuable opportunity!!

It is incredibly important to note that even if you do not receive a tweet reminder (or are not currently on twitter) you can still join in the prayers every day at the specific times in the comforting knowledge that many others will be praying with you collectively on the same prayer/ script at that time.

Once again here are the 2 links that you need for the prayer campaign...

  1. Campaign info (copy and paste it into new browser)...

  2. The actual prayer to use itself (copy and paste it into new browser)... 


Other time options for the prayer campaign…


On reflection, while I would like as many people to be praying together globally at the same time around the world I feel the best way moving forward is to encourage people to pray at the times which work for them.  What I mean by this is that IT IS STILL ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT WE PRAY 3 TIMES A DAY FOR 20 MINUTES AS A VERY BASIS BUT THAT WE DO IT ULTIMATELY AT TIMES THAT WORK FOR US. This is because some time zones only have one or two of the 3 sessions that they would be able to join.e.g. China time zone (Beijing, China)

Here are some alternative methods to finding the right prayer times for yourself…

  1. Pray at 9am, 3pm and 9pm for 20 minutes at your own country's time (wherever you live in the world). I.E. the same times that are the officla times but in your own country's time zone.

  2. Pray at 3 times a day for 20 minutes at the 3 times that suit you e.g. 7am, 5pm, 9pm or whatever.

  3. Pray at one or two of the official times that we are all praying together globally and then just do the other one or two 20 minutes sessions that you have not done at the times that are convenient for you. It is important that if you do this you choose and stick to the same set times daily. (THIS IS A COMBINATION BETWEEN THE OFFICIAL GLOBAL TIMES AND THEN SETTING PRAYER SESSIONS TIMES AT YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE).




So, to summarise the above, while there is power in collective praying globally at the same times. It is much more important that people justy pray at the times that work for their schedule.


On top of the 3x20 mins per day (or as an even better alternative to this!) I am still encouraging many people to pray on this prayer for many hours and even for FULL days (i.e. 9am- 9pm or 9am -5pm). I HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF ALSO FOR DAYS AND MONTHS ON END SO IT IS POSSIBLE! If people are not working because of their targeting they could use this opportunity to literally view this as their full time occupation to pray for this cause. They may do 9am - 5pm shifts of praying Monday to Friday with some break in between (structured like a working day!). The power of getting many people praying daily day-in-day-out on this prayer could not be underestimated! THIS IS WHAT WE REALLY NEED. Many other people who work Monday to Friday could spend 1, 2 or 3 hours in the evenings praying on this prayer. They could also choose to pray all day for both days at the weekend (i.e 9am-5pm or 9am-9pm) or choose one day to do so (i.e Saturday with Sunday off or vice versa). Please do whatever you can. GETTING SERIOUSLY COMMITTED AND ORGANIZED PRAYERS LIKE THIS WHO ARE PRAYING ON TOP OF THE RECOMMENDED INITIAL 3 X 20 MINUTES (OR EVEN BETTER MAKING IT PART OF THEIR DAILY AND WEEKLY ROUTINE BY PRAYING 9AM -5PM MONDAY TO FRIDAY/ SATURDAY/ OR SUNDAY) COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. 

For most people it is probably going to be a good to aim to start to get into the habit of doing 3 x 20 minutes a day before going on for more, but not necessarily. Some people may just decide to go straight into it and do longer hours and days worth of praying. For some people just starting small and doing 5 minutes a day may be all they feel they can do or all they want to do right now. Some people may just work up to doing 20 minutes a day consistently at first. While I encourage people to AIM REALLY HIGH with this and aim to keep extending the amount of time that they pray per day and per week it is important that people just start praying and then take it from there. Also, if someone wants to just do 5 minutes a day and just keep it at that amount then that is still a help and is much appreciated by myself and the community. 

So to summarise the above, while I would like as many people to pray as much as they can and increase the amount of time they pray with time, it is also important that we just get as many people praying as possible and that may mean starting small. It’s much better that someone is praying for 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes a day and doing it consistently than not at all or trying to do too much and then just feeling like they cannot do any more and then stopping. That said the more people who can become full time/ 'extended' prayers and ‘warrior’ prayers the better. WE NEED AN ARMY OF PRAYERS WHO CAN REALLY EXTEND THE AMOUNT OF PRAYING MINUTES AND HOURS TO ANOTHER LEVEL! #WarriorPrayers

2) The learn the Law of attraction campaign

This is actually the most important campaign because without an understanding of this fundamental universal law and how it operates through prayer (and affirmation, visualization, thoughts etc) then all people may not be inspired to join the prayer campaign (which is also simultaneously the most important campaign). Why should any of us waste our time beating our heads against a solid brick wall (and not getting results) when we can invest a bit of time learning about how to actually manifest our reality successfully?


Our time spent investing in this will be more than repaid many times over meaning that we save much more time over the subsequent years using it. This is simply because things will manifest much quicker! As TI's we can become up to 10 times more efficient with our time (and more) by learning this law as well as up to 10 times quicker at manifesting. In many cases this will be the distinctive difference between us manifesting something or not. In the case of TI's this may be the difference between us manifesting freedom or not. 

I will leave the following 2 sources. These are two excellent and well known books on the Law Of Attraction and manifesting your reality. The first one is a modern classic and the second one is one of the original pioneering books in the field. 

The Secret - YouTube

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich Full Audio Book - Change Your Financial Blueprint - YouTube (more practical but slightly longer than above) (best) (classic)

I recommend watching and listening to the above two audio books at the very least to quickly get up to good/ decent level. However, if you want to learn even more then I recommend listening to this book also which is another modern classic in the field about manifesting your reality...

Ask And It Is Given - Henry and Esther Hicks - YouTube

For those who also want to take this further and want practical Life Coaching tips and comprehensive programmes then I recommend listening to the unleash the power within programme by Tony Robbins on you tube. Tony Robbins is widely regarded as the best Life Coach in the world...

[Audiobook] Unleash the Power Within: Personal Coaching to Transform Your Life by Tony Robbins - YouTube (more practical) (best Life Coach and all round practical teacher but more in depth)

Tony has many videos on you tube and I recommend subscribing to his channel here...

Tony Robbins - YouTube

Here are a few more classics on the Law of Attraction for those of you who really want to study it in even more depth...

The Science Of Getting Rich (FULL AUDIOBOOK) - YouTube (more practical)

As A Man Thinketh | James Allen | Full Audiobook - YouTube (more practical) (short classic guide)

CHARLES HAANEL - The Master Key System🔑 - Full Audiobook - YouTube (book on visualization and the Law of Attraction) (more practical) (one of the best)

I realize that I have just posted a lot of content but I recommend spending time at least watching the first two videos and then choosing one of them to 'master.' My advice would be to ultimately pick the one that resonates with you most and then keep watching it over and over again until you have truly mastered all the principles and are using them successfully and effortlessly in your own life. In other words keep watching/ applying until the point that you are actually getting incredible results.

It is also possible to watch/listen to  all 7 videos and then choose one to 'master' and watch on 'repeat' and work on the principles until mastery. It depends how much time you have. Do what works for you ultimately, this is just my advice on how to go about this successfully according to my own experience. People can easily get overwhelmed when starting on a personal development journey when not picking one thing ultimately and sticking to it. People also run the risk of becoming personal development 'junkies' where they consume every and any book on the subject they come across without mastering one good book or strategy. Therefore, they never quite achieve the success they deserve. Please be realistic. Reading and applying one book is enough if done well. However, I recommend listening the first 2 audiobooks and then picking the style of book you like the best.

The other main challenges people face when starting a journey into self growth are...

1) They expect results too soon and quit too soon. Please be patient. It will come.


2) They are not prepared to drop their old identity. People have a lot invested in their old identity (even if it did not serve them) and so changing can feel very scary. They may feel like they do not deserve to be a better version of themselves. They can give all sorts of reasons and excuses to stop themselves from growing. This is normal and will pass if you stick with it and see that the new better you is better in many ways.


3) Targeted Individuals in particular can also be mind controlled away from even trying the above audiobooks or getting into personal development. Then when they are on the path they can be mind controlled away from continuing or mind controlled away from believing that it will work it or is worth the effort. Stick with it! You may not get any real results for a couple of months and then all of a sudden things will stick and you will make a giant leap. Please stick with it. Its more than worth it in the long run and you will be a much happier, healthier, peaceful and effective/ successful individual! The point I am trying to make is that the mind control will probably be the biggest barrier to even being able to see that learning about self growth is a worthwhile goal.

4) People have 'limiting'/ negative beliefs holding them back. Please write down all your limiting beliefs and then aim to find new reasons to support  new empowering beliefs. The new empowering beliefs are normally the opposite of the limiting belief but not always. Put these on your wall on an A4 piece of paper. Aim to find evidence/ reasons to say why the limiting beliefs are no longer true and then look for evidence/ reasons why the new empowering belief is true. Always question limiting beliefs over and over again until you have broken them down and no longer believe them. Please especially be aware of the limiting beliefs that may stop you growing as a person or pursuing growth on a self growth path. 


5) Fear - growing means shedding the old self and sometimes having to 'face' your old self. This sometimes means incredible self honesty (which may be hard to accept),  as well as trauma, pain, discomfort and at times considerable effort. If you are aware of this fear being one of your biggest barriers to success and able to become a 'warrior' to work through fear consistently on the path when it arises then 'great success' will be yours.

6) There are other reasons why a Targeted Individual (or anyone) may not want to engage in a personal development but the above are some of the main ones to be aware of. Remember if you just keep going, are persistent, have a plan and stick to the one personal development audiobook programme (to avoid overwhelm) then you are likely to do well. Just be patient and be kind to yourself along the way. Self-love is the flame that keeps us burning strong. It helps stop hatred from developing in our hearts. Loving others is important too to keep us strong through the years of harassment.

There is much more that I could say in this section but I do not want to overwhelm people. Please listen and use the audiobooks in this section. They could improve all aspects of your life and bring you much more quickly towards the freedom that you desire! TAKE ACTION NOW AND THEN NOTE THIS DOWN ON YOUR TO DO LIST TO CONTINUE LEARNING THIS OR LISTENING /USING THE AUDIOBOOKS.


Please also remember that it is the Law of Attraction that you are focusing on mastering the most within the field of personal development. Yes all principles of success are important but it is this one that will make the most difference. Please also remember that prayer uses the law of attraction and hence why I am encouraging people to learn the law of attraction as one of my campaigns. If people understand something (i.e. the law of attraction) then they are much more likely to use it by praying. They are much more likely to not just use it to help the prayer campaign but also improve their own lives. Please remember that I say with confidence that learning the law of attraction and engaging in the prayer campaign are the main things that are going to make a difference in us winning this fight. We just need enough people to understand this power. As well as helping guarantee the collective fight it will also massively improve your life along the way and help ease many of the difficulties of the targeting if you pray for things for yourself also (e.g. success, health, happiness, strength, freedom etc).

For updates on the law of attraction(and the other campaigns listed here) please follow...

Mark Williams Life Coaching (@mwlifecoaching) / Twitter 

I am also recommending that TI's start to educate themselves in the basic principles of...

  1. Marketing

  2. Networking

  3. Public Speaking

...As these are also 3 essential skills that we need in our community. We need experts in these areas and we also need to all be good all rounders in these areas. A simple recommended book in each of these areas, an online course or even a reputable website could soon get us up to that basic good level we require.

Please remember that these campaigns are for the general public to please get involved with as well as victims. In fact, we need more members of the public to get involved with these campaigns than victims themselves. We need more members of the public to generally support our cause and take action than there are victims! When this starts to happen that is when we will finally stop these human rights abuses. PLEASE HELP PUBLIC.


3) The international mail merge PLUS visit your MP campaign

This is also a really important campaign. For the last 2 years now I have been engaging on a campaign. This campaign was by far the biggest campaign that has ever been done in the TI community (in terms of size and scope) in getting the message out in a 'targeted' way to those in power. This campaign was called the international email campaign (or international mail merge campaign). The goal was to make this the biggest and most far reaching marketing campaign that has ever been created in the TI community and it definitely succeeded in that goal (with a bit of help!).

The campaign has been incredibly successful in getting the word out to some of the most important people in the world who actually have the power to help our cause. With over 20,000 people/ groups who have been contacted here is the list of contacts that have been contacted numerous times...

Contacts to contact for mail merge.docx - Google Docs

However, now I need your help with the next step! 

As part of the email campaign I have contacted every single MP in this country about 16 times currently.


While an email campaign to MPs is great, it is much more effective when it is backed up by people speaking to their MP's personally saying they are being illegally targeted. This is where the real power lies. The MP's need a real physical and practical example of someone who is being targeted to make it REAL to them. 


This will accomplish the following things....​

  1. It will back up the Email campaign

  2. It will force them to research, investigate and take action on it (they have to take action on behalf of their constituents)

  3. It will get them asking questions

  4. And most importantly It will get them speaking to other MPs

  5. This is all with the ultimate goal of getting new publicly available laws that stop these abuses in the UK. 

Please note: this has to be a face to face meeting (not a telephone or email conversation). It's too easy to get brushed aside and for them to not realize the seriousness of our cause when they do not see us physically in person.

My advice on how to go about it (to ensure the best success) would be as follows...

  1. Do not give away too much information when emailing or ringing them for the first time (just the right amount)

  2. Do not give away any information that may scare them away from wanting to help you (keep it simple)

  3. Do not give away information that is currently too far removed from their current level of understanding (get the right balance)

  4. Do not say that it is the government, military or intelligence services doing this. In fact do not mention who is doing it at all when trying to get a face to face meeting with them.

I think the best way to approach it is to keep it really simple and say that you would like to discuss some issues/ legislation around harassment or artificial intelligence regulation. This, or something similarly innocent that is not going to get them to reject you for a face to face meeting.

During the meeting you can start to talk about the issue in more depth but please talk about it in an evidence based/ scientific way quoting facts (and not opinions or wild theories). In fact, sometimes it helps to even say that you do not know everything about it and that's why we need full help and investigation into this matter by the UK government etc. Go fully prepared to your meeting with Whistle blowers that support your cause (and what they say!), patents that support your cause (and what they say) and other leaked/ unclassified/ scientific documents or witness testimonies that back up what you are saying in a credible way. The goal is to come across professionally almost like you are treating it like an important business meeting. You can actually bring along your laptop with the sources on and show them the proof. Make sure that you have also gone into the meeting with your outcomes for the session clearly defined (and ideally written down) so you are clear what outcome exactly you want from the meeting. Then in the session clearly communicate what you expect to be done. This may be a  printed off sheet of the Targeted Individuals goals (see next link below) and/or your own relevant goals. 

After the meeting you can email them the documents/info that prove this is going on. This means that they have the proof that they can use to investigate it properly and always go back to in future if needed. Strike the right balance between giving them sufficient evidence and giving them too much that may overwhelm them or scare them off. Please also email them the two documents below in the next two links (these will really help define what they need to do and the goals of our movement).

Please always make sure that you hold them accountable by following up with them over time and keeping the conversation going. You can check what progress they have made or ask what they have done. You may do this after 1 week, then 2 weeks after that and then regularly every 3-4 weeks or whatever feels right (please judge this for yourself). If they are not being helpful then there is a time for putting your foot down (in a professional manner) and demanding that action is taken. Hold them accountable!

And so the resources that can be used to approach MPs with are... 

  1. Goals of Targeted Individuals cause… This is simply a document that outlines the common goals that we have in the UK Targeted community.

  2. Step by step strategy for MPs (copy and paste into new browser)... This is simply a step by step strategy for MP's to help them break down the steps that are needed to properly help us. 

As an outcome for your face to face session please make it clear to them that our three main goals are public government recognition, new specific (publicly available!) laws that protect civilians, and 'frequency police' that investigate and protect our liberties. These goals are contained within the Goals for Targeted Individuals document above. PLEASE ALSO ASK YOUR MP TO NOTIFY BORIS JOHNSON AND 10 DOWNING STREET VIA LETTER OR EMAIL TO BACK UP CAMPAIGN NUMBER 4 (i.e. THE FLOOD 10 DOWNING STREET WITH EMAILS AND LETTERS CAMPAIGN). 

The other really important thing to mention is that this campaign is also working with some of the other campaigns mentioned above and was designed with that in mind. For example, this campaign is designed to support campaign number 4 which is flooding 10 downing street with emails to demand investigation and action. These 2 campaigns also support with the street protests that I would like someone to organize daily outside 10 Downing street (see campaign number 5). Please note I live nearly 5 hours away from London and so these are impossible for me to do. Please read campaign number 5 and then someone please volunteer for this campaign?

So as you can see the above the above 3 campaigns mentioned in the paragraph above all work in unison to ensure that constant daily pressure is put on Boris Johnson (or whoever is the UK prime minister) and 10 Downing street in conjunction with the MPs of this country. The reason we are working to get the MP's on our side is that they have a huge impact on the Prime Minister and 10 Downing street which is ultimately where these 3 campaigns are aimed at to get recognition and new public laws passed.

4) The Flood 10 Downing street with emails and letters campaign

This campaign is one that is ongoing but will be also run in stages as 'active' campaigns at certain points. For example, when this campaign is first launched I will be encouraging all UK TI's for two months to work together to flood 10 Downing streets email address and letter mailing box with correspondence educating and demanding change. Then, at later points I may run campaigns encouraging more mass email 'floodings' for two months or so.

Here is the email contact form I am asking all UK TI's (and the public) to use...

Contact Number 10 (

You can also mail in letters to the following address...

The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

My feeling is that it will be good to do both emailing and writing letters. As letters can sometimes be taken more seriously so I recommend that people write letters also. 

I recommend that people follow some of the advice (as appropriate) already given in campaign number 3 above when writing in to make their correspondence come across professionally in the most credible fashion.

The general advice when writing is to...

  1. Be credible

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be professional

  4. Be polite

  5. Be likeable

  6. Never rant!

  7. Never give personal 'far out' opinions (stick to the cause). If at times some opinions are given please make them sound credible/ realistic and in line with the facts.

  8. Stick to the facts generally and give good evidence. Write matter of factly.

  9. Give persuasive arguments but also make them realize that it is a MUST that they help you

When writing, please remember to include Whistle blowers that support your cause (and include what they say), patents that support your cause (and what they say) and other leaked/ unclassified/ scientific documents or witness testimonies that back up what you are saying in a credible way.

5) The daily protest outside 10 Downing street campaign

I am calling out for a leader in London who wants to step up to this challenge? This will be to put pressure on 10 Downing Street (and the UK Prime Minister) alongside all the other campaigns in this tab.

Is there anyone who lives in London who is prepared to do this on a daily basis? This will be the biggest factor in getting them to stop!

If protests are the best form of activism (which I have read from some credible sources that they are) then it only makes sense that protests are done regularly outside the main body of control in the UK! What's more is that doing one protest a year on TI day (no matter how big it is) is very easy to ignore. That's why we need to take our protesting to the next level with consistent daily protesting. This will put a consistent pressure on the government to act. Without that 'visible' and constant physical presence (and the numbers to back it up) it will be very hard to achieve this. When 10 Downing street know that the public are also becoming aware that these protests are occurring on a daily basis (and that they are being ignored!) that's when the pressure will start to build. Until we achieve this daily pressure at the heart of UK government we have slim chance of freedom in my opinion. The organizers could also encourage the media to report it and encourage other pressure groups to come down to help.


With regards to this it is outside my capacity to organize this other than trying to find a good organizer. I cannot get involved with the day to day running and organizing of it as I live 5 hours away from London. I can help market it successfully on twitter/ You tube and point people towards the person/ people who will run this campaign but I cannot run it. 

So I ask is any one person (or group of people) willing to organize this campaign so that it is a daily event? I understand that on first glance no one wants that level of responsibility but my question is how much do you want your freedom? We literally need a hero in the capital to step forward! With London being the main centre of power then it is absolutely imperative and essential that we have regular daily protests there! If this is too much for one person then my suggestion is to work as a team where every organizer does 2/3 nights a week to organize and run. Even one person a day is possible. Then people could turn up reliably every night without even needing to check that someone is running it that night. That's the kind of dedication and reliability we need. That said, the more the victims of London (and the public) commit to be down there every night then the faster this crime will be stopped. We need to come off our keyboards and show ourselves in the real world now or this will not stop!


Please get in touch if you are willing to take on this much needed campaign and we can discuss it. I can also help market it for you but once it is off the ground please remember that it is beyond my current capacity (with all my work and activism) to get involved in the day to day running of this.

6) The ICATOR international lawsuit campaign

This is also a very important campaign. For those of you who have not heard of it the main details can be found here...

Please join and/or donate to the cause here...


International class action lawsuit against neuro-torture (

If you have good/ substantial evidence then please email Alison Smith at... 

Alison is on the board of ICATOR and working on such matters


Also, if you would like to submit a witness statement then please also contact Alison. The witness statement is generally for people without evidence but people with good/ substantial evidence are also advised to submit a witness statement if they can also of course. 


Please follow Alison here for ICATORs latest updates...


(2) Alison (@AlisonS28750421) / Twitter

Updates on the Lawsuit will be posted regularly in the News section of this website so please keep checking there and also subscribe to the mailing list to be informed of updates. 

Law of attraction
The prayer campaign
Mail merge
Flood 10
Daily protest

7) The breakthrough to the media campaign


This campaign is of vital importance. The reason it is so important is because the MP's will not listen to us as much (and we will not have credibility) until the mainstream media report this as fact (or at least a very strong possibility!).


This means that alongside working at educating the MP's we really need to work on this campaign alongside in order for the MPs (the change makers) to listen to us and help us. We need that breakthrough with the mainstream media ideally first. We also need the mainstream media to specifically report that it is not just the US diplomats that are suffering with Havana Syndrome but also innocent civilians globally.


As part of my international email campaign, I have already emailed the main TV news stations (channel 1-5) in the UK about 16 times. I have also emailed many of the main newspapers and TV news channels in the UK, US and even many across Europe around 6 times.  While that is good at raising general awareness it may not be enough to actually inspire these news channels to report our issue directly...

So how can we get our issue reported on mainstream media? How can we get our foot in the door?

What we need is a different approach to getting the mainstream media to report our issue. We need to 'physically' network our way into these organizations. What I mean is not sending an email is in the 'virtual' world but speaking to people in person and networking with people in person is in the real 'physical' world and that is the best way that I believe we can achieve this. We need to network and market face to face in the 'real' world. We only need one major breakthrough. We only need one real networking success to work our way in. I am not saying to never use email to raise awareness just that in my opinion we need to network our way into these media networks. 

So how can we network our way into the mainstream media for them to report our issue?

If you or another Targeted Individual know someone directly in the mainstream media then you have a direct route in. If you know the right contact then of course you can contact them yourself as it's likely you have credibility. If another TI friend has this contact in the media then either they can do it, they could refer you, or you could do it together (3 options depending on what will work best).


Directly knowing the contact or getting a credible referral in are the best ways.


The contact in the media could be anyone! However, it would preferably be someone that can help you directly e.g. a journalist or a news manager etc. If you can't get a referral to someone that can help you directly then it is still worth getting a referral to anyone in the media company who may be able to pass you on to someone who can help more directly.

So why is a referral the best way?

Other than directly contacting a contact in the media that you know well yourself a referral is the best way for the following reasons***...

1) If someone refers you it says that they like, trust you and think that you have credibility. IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN TRYING TO COLD CALL OR WALKING IN AND SPEAKING TO SOMEONE IN A RECEPTION (ETC) THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW AT ALL. 

2) If someone refers you then it is simply much easier to get what you want (or to get 'the sale' in marketing language).

A referral is especially good if it is from a credible referrer. What credentials does your referrer have? Are they well respected and liked? (and especially by the contact you are trying to speak to?).

***Please note that in many instances a referral may be better than you contacting them yourself (even if you know them) if your referrer has got a lot of credibility and respect (especially in the same or similar industries). For example, you may not know the contact you are trying to contact as well as your referrer. You may not also have as much professional credibility or knowledge etc. Your referrer may be able to help you in many ways other additional ways other than just referring you. We have to be smart in making the best decisions bout how to speak to your wanted contact. There are no perfect methods.

Are there any other ways to effectively get into the mainstream media to get this reported?

Yes there are many. The above method is just a very good proven and recommended strategy by professional business networking groups. This means I would like people to try and use this strategy as a priority.


That said, please use your creativity in the ways that you can get this reported by the media!

I advise forming a team of people in your local community. The more people that are working on this together the better the chance you have and the more potential referrers you will know to get referrals from.

Please also be aware that it is also a great strategy to invest the time in getting to know someone who would be an excellent referrer to valuable contacts in the media. If you know that a particular person is well connected in the media and knows specific people in the media (that have the power to report the issue) then it may be worth investing the time in getting to know them (with that in mind).

What are some simple Networking tips/ strategies?​​

  1. Be credible

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be professional

  4. Be polite

  5. Be likeable!

  6. Be confident!

  7. Never rant and be persuasive when needed!

  8. Without being pushy be persistent in asking for the referral and following up. Follow up as many times as you need!

  9. You will have to play it by ear whether to mention that it is about Targeting to your potential referrer. They may not refer you without knowing what it is so if that is the case (or if it is beneficial to let them know) then explain it. In most cases it is probably best to give them as little info as possible and/or make it easy for them to believe and see why it is important. That may increase your chance of getting a referral. Better to say victims of directed energy weapon abuses or Havana Syndrome rather than talk about mind control or Targeted Individuals if you need to explain. These are more easily accepted terms.

It is advised that TI's read books on Networking as this is one of the key skills we need alongside Personal Development, Marketing skills and public speaking.

Remember that if you pray and use the Law of Attraction regularly to succeed in getting a referral to your desire contact then it is 3 - 10 times more likely to happen. Please pray regularly for the success of any campaign that you are doing including this one.

PLEASE JOIN THIS CAMPAIGN. It may be best that we try and approach the local mainstream media channels i.e. ITV Yorkshire rather than the ITV national channel as one example. This is because it may be easier to get in there but still have a significant effect of getting the ball rolling for other mainstream media channels to get involved with our cause.

Once we start getting this in the door then others will likely follow.

To summarise


  1. Research who your desired contact is and then seek finding someone who can refer you.

  2. Or have a good think about all the contacts who may be a credible referrer into any the media organizations, or potentially know someone who may be (who they could refer you too). See how you link yourself to the goal?

  3. If you know someone who is a good media contact personally please feel free to contact yourself but only if you believe you have credibility. If not seek a referral to that desired contact in the media. 

  4. Form a team to increase the amount of potential referrals.

Keep following up, keep networking and don't give up! Keep reading books on networking. Remember to keep making connections and asking around. Networking can be a full time job but its worth it because its the number one strategy we have to get our foot in the door in the media!

8) The go to your local town meeting campaign

Another campaign that I feel could really help is for every TI (or group of local TI's) is to go to their local town/city council meeting/s. The more TI's that go the better. You will have to do a bit of research and maybe ring them to find out the best meeting to go to as there will be many different city council meeting every month. I believe that you will be looking for the main meeting where the main members of the council from each district or area from your city or town meet. This may be a weekly meeting or a monthly meeting, a twice monthly meeting or whatever (depending on where you live). 

My recommendation is to go to a few a least but ideally go regularly. You may need to ask permission to attend and to speak so please plan appropriately.

Therefore, if you cannot speak sometimes you may just go to make your presence felt, or to network or remind council members of the issue. You will need to research the rules for your specific council.

If you want to go with other TI’s then see some of the basic suggestions in the ‘Protest in your local area’ campaign’ for meeting other local TI’s.

When speaking at the meeting please remember to…

1) Be credible and use credible sources


2) Be respectful, likeable and polite


3) Be firm but calm and confident when showing the indignation of the cause i.e. show its seriousness in your tone and in your confident body language whilst remaining calm and in control emotionally at all times.


4) Use persuasive arguments and use pertinent questions (where relevant) to get them thinking for themselves as this will lower their resistance to your message if the ‘answer’ came from them.


5) Take them from points that are easier to believe to the point that they may find more challenging to believe but never go past the limits of what they will believe or you may lose their understanding and support. Lead them down a ‘logical’ journey and build from part to part of your speech.




7) Be professional. Dress smart.


8) If you have any credentials that may come increase your credibility then share them before you say anything else.


9) Never rant. Be succinct and know when your point has been made. That said, speak for as long as you can but also as long as is going to be desirable to get the message through the most. That said, you may have a time limit anyway so ask (or be aware) of what that is when preparing your speech.


8) Never give personal far out opinions (stick to the cause). Any opinions given should be credible and related to the facts.

9) Generally stick to the facts and give good evidence. State it matter of fact like you know it's true beyond anything else (which it is!).


10) Study books on public speaking, leadership and persuasion and see how they speak and then apply the principles. If there are any good public speakers on You Tube then model their body language, how they speak, the words they use, their persuasion methods and how they get their point across clearly with emphasis. We really need to learn the art of public speaking well in the TI community. It will serve us so well and is worth making that investment in this area of self growth.


11) Credible good evidence might be Whistle blower testimonies and what they said. It is important to learn the credentials of whistle blowers as well e.g. are they a professor, are they a engineer in aerospace etc. Other credible evidence is patents that prove this and corroborate with the symptoms of Targeted Individuals - see here...List of Patents Pertinent to Mind Control/Gang Stalking – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults ( and here... Patents for Mind Control Technology – Fighting Monarch. There are also Victim testimonies such as these 1300 testimonies... TESTIMONIALS - Europe, Americas, Asia - Google Drive. Also, good are things like declassified documents on things on MK ultra and remote weapons - see here... CIA MKULTRA / Mind Control Collection - The Black Vault and leaked documents - see here... 01-nasa-thefutureof-war-2-up.pdf (


12) Give persuasive arguments but also make them realize that it is a MUST that they help you. Finish with your point about how you would really like them to write letters into Downing street to support our campaign and any other ways they may be able to help.


13) Ask them if they have any questions and strongly encourage them to do so.


14) Remind them that this is an issues that we can not just bury under the hatchet and that we need to do this to protect the future generations of children, family friends etc from abuses of these kind.


15) Please show (or tell them) your appreciation that they listened to you and taken this very seriously.


16) After the meeting please network, network, network and make allies, friends, contacts and find out who resonated with your cause or may be able to help. You may get a feeling during the meeting when you speak of who seems to listen intently or asks you questions as to who is interested.


So the goal is we get as many official letters from the town and city councils of this country to 10 Downing Street demanding that these abuses stop. The more of these we get the more pressure we put on 10 Downing street to stop these abuses! Please remember that it is really important that the person/ people that write this letter address themselves as the specific council (e.g. Westminster council) and not just a council member. This then carries much more weight because it appears that the whole council is in support of this issue.


This is a grass roots campaign from the bottom to the top. It is good to have a combination of grass root campaigns plus ones where we also go straight to the ‘top’ to ask for help (top down).

9) The protest in your local town campaign

This campaign is designed to bring the UK Targeted Individual movement onto the streets or into the 'physical' reality. Virtually all of our activism efforts and campaigns are online. This needs to change! More Targeted Individuals need to be out on the streets in the real world protesting (preferably in large groups!). 

While this may be one of the least important due to it being less direct a method than going straight to the people in power it is still important.


I am recommending everyone at some point starts to protest week in week out on the streets in their local big city/ town.

First though we need to start making connections with people who live around us. Then we can organize these protests with numbers that are as large as possible.

If you cannot find people from your local town or city then make friends with other Targeted Individuals in the nearest big city or town where there are enough of you to form a group. While in some cases there may only be 2 or 3 of you this is still better than one. If you cannot find any near by you then be brave and protest on your own. This cause is worth it. In some cases it may be worth travelling further afield to one of the major 8 or 9 major cities if there are not many TI's you can find in your nearest big city or town. Major cities I would classify as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Swansea and Belfast. Please also note that you have to be a bit creative and persistent in finding local TI's near you. The ways in which you can do this are by...

1.    Putting a post in my Group...  Targeted Individuals Campaigns UK (official group of Targeted UK website) | Facebook to see if there are other TI's near you. This is a good group to do this in now because this group I run is now the official Targeted UK website group.

2.    Or any other local or national TI Facebook group. 

3.    Putting posts out on Twitter

4.    Doing a You Tube video to ask if there are local TI's around you etc.

I would estimate that in any medium sized city there are at least around 5-10 'active' TI's around you who you could meet up to protest with.

Once you all agree on a set time to do it every week then it becomes easier. This is because you have all agreed and committed on a big decision and that takes a huge weight off your shoulders once made. It also makes it easier when you agree on a set time every week because you can form a habit much easier when you don't always have to be thinking about when you need to be doing the next protest. When no regular set date and time is agreed upon (e.g. every Saturday at 11am-1pm) then the next protest/s will simply never happen.

There is almost no point in doing something once. Its consistent regular protesting we need. Imagine if Targeted Individuals in every town were to protest every Saturday 11am until 2pm in the same spot in the town centre over 1 or 2 years. It would not take long until a good amount of the town knew about the programme. Once a week at least is the goal that Targeted Individuals should aim for. Daily if they have time and especially if they off work. That being said, raising awareness is never enough. The protesting groups would have to go to each protest with goals or 'outcomes' to achieve from the public. I AM ASKING TARGETED INDIVIDUALS IF THEY CAN ASK THE PUBLIC TO RESEARCH IT FULLY (GIVE GOOD CREDIBLE LINKS OF COURSE)​ AND THEN WRITE IN TO TEN DOWNING STREET TO DEMAND THAT THESE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES BE STOPPED.   

The public would need to use the same email contact form (see link below) as the ones that UK Targeted Individuals were using to write in as part of Campaign no 4 (flood 10 Downing street with emails/ letters) for it to be effective and consistent with our campaign.

Contact form...

Contact Number 10 (

Or write a letter here...

The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Please see the Targeted Individual flyer here which I recommend all use...

Targeted Individual Flyer | Targeteduk (

In addition to this I recommend that you put your intention for the public on the flyer which as we said earlier is...

1.    To research all aspects of this fully and most importantly...

2.    ...To contact 10 Downing Street. Please put the web address and mailing address above.

Whilst doing the protesting here are some basic helpful tips...

1.    Network and make connections. Get telephone numbers and email addresses and ask to meet them in future if they can help in any way (especially if they are a journalist!). Then keep following up and staying in contact without putting too much pressure on them which may scare them off (its a fine balance). That said we need to be persistent enough too and not let things go stale.

2.    When handing out flyers aim to always engage them in discussion rather than just handing out.

3.    If too many people are crowded round and handing flyers out in the same area then people may not take your flyer. Sometimes if is wise to spread out and even hand out flyers slightly further down the street before they get to the main part of your protest as they will be more willing to accept it when there is less pressure and noise.


5.    All should bring banners and signs. A protest is virtually useless without this as many will pass not even knowing what the protest is about.

6.    There of course should be sufficient flyers.

7.    People can take turns to lead each week, organize resources, whatever works!

8.    Also aim to get local media TV channels and newspapers to report this by networking with them and inviting them down.

Staying in touch may be best with a Facebook or twitter message group but whatever works.

I would also like to say to film your protests and share them to inspire others. Also, post on the Targeted UK forum here about your protests and the results...

Targeted UK Forum for Targeted Individuals & Targeted Survivors


1.    The busiest area in the town centre with the most footfall.

2.    Outside their MPs office if they fail to listen to you repeatedly (only in this situation).

3.    Outside your town hall may also be a good potential venue.

To summarize while it may not be the most prioritized and essential campaign (other campaigns higher up the number list are more focused and co-ordinated for national team work). However, this is a good campaign that will really help people take this out into the real world and raise general awareness. It is therefore more what I would deem a good long term general public awareness strategy. Put simply, please remember there is always a greater effect in activism by speaking to people personally than just posting online. 



As a reminder here are the campaigns...

  1. The Prayer campaign (I explain why this is the most important campaign alongside the Law of Attraction Campaign and why they go together)

  2. The learn the Law of attraction campaign

  3. The international mail merge PLUS visit your MP campaign

  4. The Flood 10 Downing street with emails and letters campaign

  5. The daily protest outside 10 Downing street campaign

  6. The ICATOR international lawsuit campaign

  7. The breakthrough to the media campaign

  8. The go to your local town meeting campaign

  9. The protest in your local town campaign

In summary, the most important campaigns that are essential that we all do in the UK are simply the prayer campaign and the law of attraction campaign. Please remember that these two go hand in hand and a good understanding may be needed of the law of attraction to understand why the prayer campaign works and to encourage people to join it regularly. WE NEED ALL UK TI'S TO JOIN THE PRAYER CAMPAIGN. IF YOU STILL ARE NOT SURE EVEN AFTER READING INFORMATION ABOUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION THEN PLEASE JUDGE BY RESULTS AND TRY FOR YOURSELF. PLEASE PRAY FOR ONE MONTH (INCLUDING FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, FREEDOM etc) AND SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOURSELF!

The second most important are campaigns 3,4 and 5 which all work together to get 10 Downing street (and the UK prime minister) to take action. 

Number 7 (the media breakthrough campaign) is also incredibly important to campaigns 3,4 and 5 working and may be even more important than them to make enough progress so that they listen to us. We also must ask the media to put pressure on 10 Downing street by writing and emailing them with the addresses given previously and of course reporting it accurately. 

Number 6 (the ICATOR lawsuit) is also very important in putting pressure on the UK Prime Minister and 10 Downing Street take action (i.e. the UK government).

The other ones (8 and 9) are less important and are additional ones for people to do after they have done the prioritized ones. That is not to say that they are not very important (they are!) but in my opinion they are less direct and would take too long. We still need to play the long game and raise general public awareness and I think street protests are the best way to do this to really make a lasting impact.

To put it really as simply as possible the overall end goal with ALL of these campaigns is to put pressure on10 Downing Street to create news laws that protect civilians and then enforce these laws. Here is our UK goals in this document here...

Targeted Individuals goals.docx - Google Docs

Please always hold this end goal in mind of getting 10 Downing street to create laws and enforce them. By doing this you will already have started to bring about its reality via prayer/ Law of attraction. Then take MASSIVE action on the campaigns!!








NOTE: Please keep your set to do list accessible and in the same obvious place. Some people write many different to do lists on many different pieces of scraps of paper which get lost/ misplaced and so forth. That to do list has to be treated like its made out gold and you always know where it is. It has to be on display. Do not start a new one until all campaigns have been ticked off. Please note some campaigns need to be done 'continuously' over time (i.e. again and again) and so it is recommended that these remain a permanent part of your to do list.

Again please let me know when you have done these via a quick message on twitter or email so that I know that people are responding and using these campaigns. Please also post on social media when you have done these.

I cannot emphasize enough that without communication we will get nowhere in the TI community!

The biggest issues with the TI community is that…

  1. People don't take massive action in helping campaigns that others take the time to set up

  2. There is very little good consistent communication in the TI community as a whole. This is especially on the important stuff which includes the campaigns that people make a lot of effort with to set up and run.


How do people ever expect to stop this targeting if they… 

  1. Do not take join in campaigns and take massive action as a team and nation

  2. If they do not tell the organizer (and other TI's) they have joined the campaigns

  3. …and if they do not share their results with others to encourage them to join!

I need to be straight with people and say that the community needs leaders and direction, but when people step up to lead and organize or create a comprehensive plan (which is what I have tried to do) then people need to play their part too and get massively organized, build teams and take massive action! This simply has not happened in my experience in the past. We have an opportunity here now to move in the same direction in the UK Targeted community by focusing our energies in the same direction by engaging in the same campaigns but I need your help to do this by everyone putting these campaigns on their to do list and then ticking each one off! WE EACH NEED TO DO ALL THESE CAMPAIGNS (OR AT LEAST AS MANY AS WE CAN WITH MAXIMUM EFFORT!). Only then in my opinion do we have a good chance of winning our freedom!

Please also check out the Current Goals section here...

Current Goals | Targeteduk (


 To keep things simple I will always have our Current goals listed in the current goals section. This will inform people quickly of the campaigns we are working on together specifically in the UK Targeted community at any once time. For example, in January we may be all working on emailing number 10 but then in February we may be focusing on contacting the media just as examples. PLEASE CHECK BACK REGULARLY ONCE A WEEK FOR ANY UPDATES TO STAY UP TO DATE. Most of these goals will likely be ones mentioned in this campaigns section. WHILE I WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO DO ALL THE CAMPAIGNS IN THIS TAB THIS CURRENT GOALS SECTION WILL ALSO HELP KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND HELP US FOCUS ON SPECIFIC CAMPAIGNS IN THE UK COMMUNITY TO INCREASE TEAMWORK AND FOCUSED EFFORT AND THEREFORE MASSIVELY INCREASE THE LIKLIHOOD OF SUCCESS!

Please follow me/join/ subscribe on all my social media channels. It is really important that we are connected and keep lines of communication open. 


Please follow on Twitter here

(4) Home / Twitter

Please subscribe to me on YouTube here...

Targeted Individual day UK 2021 - 10 Downing street protest - Directed Energy weapons/ Neuro weapons - YouTube

Please join my Facebook Targeted Individual group here...

Targeted Individuals Campaigns UK (official group of Targeted UK website) | Facebook

Many thanks for your help, positivity and support it is appreciated! We will get through this.

Much love, 

Mark Williams

P.S. Please remember that all of our campaigns are aiming to get 10 Downing Street to take action by creating new laws and them enforcing them to protect civilians. Always hold this in mind as much as you can throughout the day.


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