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The Allen Institute for Human Rights


The Allen Institute for Human Rights is the only Human Rights organization specifically created for Targeted Individuals, and  was Created to Share Answers to the Many Questions that You May Have, and to Share Questions Yet to be Answered.

We Serve the United States and the World. We communicate with the United Nations. We Intervene in the New World Order of Human Rights in Decay.

We stop Human Rights Injustices against Women. We Intervene in Gross abuse of Human Rights in Local Injustices.

“When One Nation State Ignores The Human Rights of One Person, There are No Human Rights for Anyone!”

It is important to note that human rights are indivisible and universal.

They are inherent to the dignity of every human person and are all equal in status as rights. There is no hierarchy of human rights.


1.TM Radio Broadcasting is affiliated with AIHR, and we spread the word Worldwide.


2.Targeted Massachusetts is affiliated with AIHR and holds two conference calls per week serving Tis from all over the world. /








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