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Regarding our brand new DONATE button on the footer below: We just want to assure you that absolutely NO PROFIT is being made at all from you or by the site and everything here is done with love and for the cause.

However hosting servers and domain privacy is not free. We also now pay approximately £22 per month for the program to run our newsletter. So we'd appreciate anything at all that you can spare.

Mark (and team) also have goals to make fundraising a major part of Targeted UK's efforts because we realise that with money more things are possible.

Last year we covered all the bills, this year we, hope you don't mind that we are asking for your help. The button below is currently linked to Marks PayPal account. I did have a go fund me account but it was shut down. I hope to reopen one (or another similar official account) in the future.


Even a couple of pounds would help enormously, in fact if every member paid £3 the site fees would be covered.


Thanks for your help and understanding,

Targeted UK Crew

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