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3) The international mail merge PLUS visit your MP campaign

If you have not read through all of the campaigns yet and the introduction then please read them all in full in the link below. 

CAMPAIGNS | Targeteduk ( 

Quick reminder...

1) The only thing I ask is that each member of the UK Targeted community please support the campaigns in the above link by working through them one by one until every campaign has been done by every UK TI. We are also of course asking for much-needed brave members of the public to help our campaigns and cause them to go viral (like it deserves to be!).

2) Please put these campaigns down on your to-do list and set about working through these campaigns one by one until they are ALL ticked off your to-do list. Can you imagine every TI in the country doing these campaigns? Then we would finally be an organized force that the UK authorities finally could not ignore! 

That aside, here is the international mail merge plus visit your MP campaign...

This is also a really important campaign. For the last 2 years now I have been engaging on a campaign. This campaign was by far the biggest campaign that has ever been done in the TI community (in terms of size and scope) in getting the message out in a 'targeted' way to those in power. This campaign was called the international email campaign (or international mail merge campaign). The goal was to make this the biggest and most far-reaching marketing campaign that has ever been created in the TI community and it definitely succeeded in that goal (with a bit of help!).

The campaign has been incredibly successful in getting the word out to some of the most important people in the world who actually have the power to help our cause. With over 20,000 people/ groups who have been contacted here is the list of contacts that have been contacted numerous times...

Contacts to contact for mail merge.docx - Google Docs

However, now I need your help with the next step! 

As part of the email campaign I have contacted every single MP in this country about 16 times currently.


While an email campaign to MPs is great, it is much more effective when it is backed up by people speaking to their MP's personally saying they are being illegally targeted. This is where the real power lies. The MP's need a real physical and practical example of someone who is being targeted to make it REAL to them. 


This will accomplish the following things....​

  1. It will back up the Email campaign

  2. It will force them to research, investigate and take action on it (they have to take action on behalf of their constituents)

  3. It will get them asking questions

  4. And most importantly It will get them speaking to other MPs

  5. This is all with the ultimate goal of getting new publicly available laws that stop these abuses in the UK. 

Please note: this has to be a face to face meeting (not a telephone or email conversation). It's too easy to get brushed aside and for them to not realize the seriousness of our cause when they do not see us physically in person.

My advice on how to go about it (to ensure the best success) would be as follows...

  1. Do not give away too much information when emailing or ringing them for the first time (just the right amount)

  2. Do not give away any information that may scare them away from wanting to help you (keep it simple)

  3. Do not give away information that is currently too far removed from their current level of understanding (get the right balance)

  4. Do not say that it is the government, military or intelligence services doing this. In fact do not mention who is doing it at all when trying to get a face to face meeting with them.

I think the best way to approach it is to keep it really simple and say that you would like to discuss some issues/ legislation around harassment or artificial intelligence regulation. This, or something similarly innocent that is not going to get them to reject you for a face to face meeting.

During the meeting you can start to talk about the issue in more depth but please talk about it in an evidence based/ scientific way quoting facts (and not opinions or wild theories). In fact, sometimes it helps to even say that you do not know everything about it and that's why we need full help and investigation into this matter by the UK government etc. Go fully prepared to your meeting with Whistle blowers that support your cause (and what they say!), patents that support your cause (and what they say) and other leaked/ unclassified/ scientific documents or witness testimonies that back up what you are saying in a credible way. The goal is to come across professionally almost like you are treating it like an important business meeting. You can actually bring along your laptop with the sources on and show them the proof. Make sure that you have also gone into the meeting with your outcomes for the session clearly defined (and ideally written down) so you are clear what outcome exactly you want from the meeting. Then in the session clearly communicate what you expect to be done. This may be a  printed off sheet of the Targeted Individuals goals (see next link below) and/or your own relevant goals. 

After the meeting you can email them the documents/info that prove this is going on. This means that they have the proof that they can use to investigate it properly and always go back to in future if needed. Strike the right balance between giving them sufficient evidence and giving them too much that may overwhelm them or scare them off. Please also email them the two documents below in the next two links (these will really help define what they need to do and the goals of our movement).

Please always make sure that you hold them accountable by following up with them over time and keeping the conversation going. You can check what progress they have made or ask what they have done. You may do this after 1 week, then 2 weeks after that and then regularly every 3-4 weeks or whatever feels right (please judge this for yourself). If they are not being helpful then there is a time for putting your foot down (in a professional manner) and demanding that action is taken. Hold them accountable!

And so the resources that can be used to approach MPs with are... 

  1. Goals of Targeted Individuals cause… This is simply a document that outlines the common goals that we have in the UK Targeted community.

  2. Step by step strategy for MPs (copy and paste into new browser)... This is simply a step by step strategy for MP's to help them break down the steps that are needed to properly help us. 

As an outcome for your face to face session please make it clear to them that our three main goals are public government recognition, new specific (publicly available!) laws that protect civilians, and 'frequency police' that investigate and protect our liberties. These goals are contained within the Goals for Targeted Individuals document above. PLEASE ALSO ASK YOUR MP TO NOTIFY RISHI SUNAK AND 10 DOWNING STREET VIA LETTER OR EMAIL TO BACK UP CAMPAIGN NUMBER 4 (i.e. THE FLOOD 10 DOWNING STREET WITH EMAILS AND LETTERS CAMPAIGN). 

The other really important thing to mention is that this campaign is also working with some of the other campaigns mentioned above and was designed with that in mind. For example, this campaign is designed to support campaign number 4 which is flooding 10 downing street with emails to demand investigation and action. These 2 campaigns also support with the street protests that I would like someone to organize daily outside 10 Downing street (see campaign number 5). Please note I live nearly 5 hours away from London and so these are impossible for me to do. Please read campaign number 5 and then someone please volunteer for this campaign?

So as you can see the above the above 3 campaigns mentioned in the paragraph above all work in unison to ensure that constant daily pressure is put on Rishi Sunak (or whoever is the UK prime minister) and 10 Downing street in conjunction with the MPs of this country. The reason we are working to get the MP's on our side is that they have a huge impact on the Prime Minister and 10 Downing street which is ultimately where these 3 campaigns are aimed at to get recognition and new public laws passed.

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