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4) The flood 10 Downing street with emails and letters campaign


If you have not read through all of the campaigns yet and the introduction then please read them all in full in the link below. 

CAMPAIGNS | Targeteduk ( 

Quick reminder...

1) The only thing I ask is that each member of the UK Targeted community please support the campaigns in the above link by working through them one by one until every campaign has been done by every UK TI. We are also of course asking for much-needed brave members of the public to help our campaigns and cause them to go viral (like it deserves to be!).

2) Please put these campaigns down on your to-do list and set about working through these campaigns one by one until they are ALL ticked off your to-do list. Can you imagine every TI in the country doing these campaigns? Then we would finally be an organized force that the UK authorities finally could not ignore! 

That aside, let's talk about the flood 10 Downing street with emails and letters campaign...

This campaign is one that is ongoing but will be also run in stages as 'active' campaigns at certain points. For example, when this campaign is first launched I will be encouraging all UK TI's for two months to work together to flood 10 Downing streets email address and letter mailing box with correspondence educating and demanding change. Then, at later points I may run campaigns encouraging more mass email 'floodings' for two months or so. I am also asking people if they can write a short email or letter every week educating and demanding investigation and change. 

Here is the email contact form I am asking all UK TI's (and the public) to use...

Contact Number 10 (

You can also mail in letters to the following address...

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

My feeling is that it will be good to do both emailing and writing letters. As letters can sometimes be taken more seriously so I recommend that people write letters also. 

We are also asking that people email or write a short letter (or medium sized/ 1 paged email/letter if you can) every week putting pressure on them to investigate and take action. I would really like to ask that people reading this take the inititiave to take this project on and actually do this to create ongoing consistent pressure. This is 10 - 30 minutes of your time every week and will make a difference if many do it (especially of we apply pressure with other campaigns at the same time also). Many thanks once again.

I recommend that people follow some of the advice (as appropriate) already given in campaign number 3 above when writing in to make their correspondence come across professionally in the most credible fashion.

The general advice when writing is to...

  1. Be credible

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be professional

  4. Be polite

  5. Be likeable

  6. Never rant (not being funny but we can all be guilty of this including me!)

  7. Never give personal 'far out' opinions (stick to the cause). If at times some opinions are given please make them sound credible/ realistic and in line with the facts.

  8. Stick to the facts generally and give good evidence. Write matter of factly.

  9. Give persuasive arguments but also make them realize that it is a MUST that they help you

When writing, please remember to include Whistle blowers that support your cause (and include what they say), patents that support your cause (and what they say) and other leaked/ unclassified/ scientific documents or witness testimonies that back up what you are saying in a credible way.

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