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2) The learn the Law of attraction campaign

If you have not read through all of the campaigns yet and the introduction then please read them all in full in the link below. 

CAMPAIGNS | Targeteduk ( 

Quick reminder...

1) The only thing I ask is that each member of the UK Targeted community please support the campaigns in the above link by working through them one by one until every campaign has been done by every UK TI. We are also of course asking for much-needed brave members of the public to help our campaigns and cause it to go viral (like it deserves to be!).

2) Please put these campaigns down on your to-do list and set about working through these campaigns one by one until they are ALL ticked off your to-do list. Can you imagine every TI in the country doing these campaigns? Then we would finally be an organized force that the UK authorities finally could not ignore! 

That aside let's talk about the Learn the Law of Attraction campaign...

In many ways, this is actually the most important campaign because without an understanding of this fundamental universal law and how it operates through prayer (and affirmation, visualization, thoughts etc) then all people may not be inspired to join the prayer campaign (which is also simultaneously the most important campaign). Why should any of us waste our time beating our heads against a solid brick wall (and not getting results) when we can invest a bit of time learning about how to actually manifest our reality successfully?


Our time spent investing in this will be more than repaid many times over meaning that we save much more time over the subsequent years using it. This is simply because things will manifest much quicker! As TI's we can become up to 10 times more efficient with our time (and more) by learning this law as well as up to 10 times quicker at manifesting. In many cases this will be the distinctive difference between us manifesting something or not. In the case of TI's this may be the difference between us manifesting freedom or not. 

I will leave the following 2 sources. These are two excellent and well known books on the Law Of Attraction and manifesting your reality. The first one is a modern classic and the second one is one of the original pioneering books in the field. 

The Secret - YouTube

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich Full Audio Book - Change Your Financial Blueprint - YouTube (more practical but slightly longer than above) (best) (classic)

I recommend watching and listening to the above two audio books at the very least to quickly get up to good/ decent level. However, if you want to learn even more then I recommend listening to this book also which is another modern classic in the field about manifesting your reality...

Ask And It Is Given - Henry and Esther Hicks - YouTube

For those who also want to take this further and want practical Life Coaching tips and comprehensive programmes then I recommend listening to the unleash the power within programme by Tony Robbins on you tube. Tony Robbins is widely regarded as the best Life Coach in the world...

[Audiobook] Unleash the Power Within: Personal Coaching to Transform Your Life by Tony Robbins - YouTube (more practical) (best Life Coach and all round practical teacher but more in depth)

Tony has many videos on you tube and I recommend subscribing to his channel here...

Tony Robbins - YouTube

Here are a few more classics on the Law of Attraction for those of you who really want to study it in even more depth...

The Science Of Getting Rich (FULL AUDIOBOOK) - YouTube (more practical)

As A Man Thinketh | James Allen | Full Audiobook - YouTube (more practical) (short classic guide)

CHARLES HAANEL - The Master Key System🔑 - Full Audiobook - YouTube (book on visualization and the Law of Attraction) (more practical) (one of the best)

I realize that I have just posted a lot of content but I recommend spending time at least watching the first two videos and then choosing one of them to 'master.' My advice would be to ultimately pick the one that resonates with you most and then keep watching it over and over again until you have truly mastered all the principles and are using them successfully and effortlessly in your own life. In other words keep watching/ applying until the point that you are actually getting incredible results.

It is also possible to watch/listen to  all 7 videos and then choose one to 'master' and watch on 'repeat' and work on the principles until mastery. It depends how much time you have. Do what works for you ultimately, this is just my advice on how to go about this successfully according to my own experience. People can easily get overwhelmed when starting on a personal development journey when not picking one thing ultimately and sticking to it. People also run the risk of becoming personal development 'junkies' where they consume every and any book on the subject they come across without mastering one good book or strategy. Therefore, they never quite achieve the success they deserve. Please be realistic. Reading and applying one book is enough if done well. However, I recommend listening the first 2 audiobooks and then picking the style of book you like the best.

The other main challenges people face when starting a journey into self growth are...

1) They expect results too soon and quit too soon. Please be patient. It will come.


2) They are not prepared to drop their old identity. People have a lot invested in their old identity (even if it did not serve them) and so changing can feel very scary. They may feel like they do not deserve to be a better version of themselves. They can give all sorts of reasons and excuses to stop themselves from growing. This is normal and will pass if you stick with it and see that the new better you is better in many ways.


3) Targeted Individuals in particular can also be mind controlled away from even trying the above audiobooks or getting into personal development. Then when they are on the path they can be mind controlled away from continuing or mind controlled away from believing that it will work it or is worth the effort. Stick with it! You may not get any real results for a couple of months and then all of a sudden things will stick and you will make a giant leap. Please stick with it. Its more than worth it in the long run and you will be a much happier, healthier, peaceful and effective/ successful individual! The point I am trying to make is that the mind control will probably be the biggest barrier to even being able to see that learning about self growth is a worthwhile goal.

4) People have 'limiting'/ negative beliefs holding them back. Please write down all your limiting beliefs and then aim to find new reasons to support  new empowering beliefs. The new empowering beliefs are normally the opposite of the limiting belief but not always. Put these on your wall on an A4 piece of paper. Aim to find evidence/ reasons to say why the limiting beliefs are no longer true and then look for evidence/ reasons why the new empowering belief is true. Always question limiting beliefs over and over again until you have broken them down and no longer believe them. Please especially be aware of the limiting beliefs that may stop you growing as a person or pursuing growth on a self growth path. 


5) Fear - growing means shedding the old self and sometimes having to 'face' your old self. This sometimes means incredible self honesty (which may be hard to accept),  as well as trauma, pain, discomfort and at times considerable effort. If you are aware of this fear being one of your biggest barriers to success and able to become a 'warrior' to work through fear consistently on the path when it arises then 'great success' will be yours.

6) There are other reasons why a Targeted Individual (or anyone) may not want to engage in a personal development but the above are some of the main ones to be aware of. Remember if you just keep going, are persistent, have a plan and stick to the one personal development audiobook programme (to avoid overwhelm) then you are likely to do well. Just be patient and be kind to yourself along the way. Self-love is the flame that keeps us burning strong. It helps stop hatred from developing in our hearts. Loving others is important too to keep us strong through the years of harassment.

There is much more that I could say in this section but I do not want to overwhelm people. Please listen and use the audiobooks in this section. They could improve all aspects of your life and bring you much more quickly towards the freedom that you desire! TAKE ACTION NOW AND THEN NOTE THIS DOWN ON YOUR TO DO LIST TO CONTINUE LEARNING THIS OR LISTENING /USING THE AUDIOBOOKS.


Please also remember that it is the Law of Attraction that you are focusing on mastering the most within the field of personal development. Yes all principles of success are important but it is this one that will make the most difference. Please also remember that prayer uses the law of attraction and hence why I am encouraging people to learn the law of attraction as one of my campaigns. If people understand something (i.e. the law of attraction) then they are much more likely to use it by praying. They are much more likely to not just use it to help the prayer campaign but also improve their own lives. Please remember that I say with confidence that learning the law of attraction and engaging in the prayer campaign are the main things that are going to make a difference in us winning this fight. We just need enough people to understand this power. As well as helping guarantee the collective fight it will also massively improve your life along the way and help ease many of the difficulties of the targeting if you pray for things for yourself also (e.g. success, health, happiness, strength, freedom etc).

For updates on the law of attraction(and the other campaigns listed here) please follow...

Mark Williams Life Coaching (@mwlifecoaching) / Twitter 

I am also recommending that TI's start to educate themselves in the basic principles of...

  1. Marketing

  2. Networking

  3. Public Speaking

...As these are also 3 essential skills that we need in our community. We need experts in these areas and we also need to all be good all rounders in these areas. A simple recommended book in each of these areas, an online course or even a reputable website could soon get us up to that basic good level we require.

Please remember that these campaigns are for the general public to please get involved with as well as victims. In fact, we need more members of the public to get involved with these campaigns than victims themselves. We need more members of the public to generally support our cause and take action than there are victims! When this starts to happen that is when we will finally stop these human rights abuses. PLEASE HELP PUBLIC.

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