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7) The breakthrough to the media campaign


If you have not read through all of the campaigns yet and the introduction then please read them all in full in the link below. 

CAMPAIGNS | Targeteduk ( 

Quick reminder...

1) The only thing I ask is that each member of the UK Targeted community please support the campaigns in the above link by working through them one by one until every campaign has been done by every UK TI. We are also of course asking for much-needed brave members of the public to help our campaigns and cause them to go viral (like it deserves to be!).

2) Please put these campaigns down on your to-do list and set about working through these campaigns one by one until they are ALL ticked off your to-do list. Can you imagine every TI in the country doing these campaigns? Then we would finally be an organized force that the UK authorities finally could not ignore! 

That aside, let's talk about the breakthrough to the media campaign...

This campaign is of vital importance. The reason it is so important is because the MP's will not listen to us as much (and we will not have credibility) until the mainstream media report this as fact (or at least a very strong possibility!).


This means that alongside working at educating the MP's we really need to work on this campaign alongside in order for the MPs (the change makers) to listen to us and help us. We need that breakthrough with the mainstream media ideally first. We also need the mainstream media to specifically report that it is not just the US diplomats that are suffering with Havana Syndrome but also innocent civilians globally.


As part of my international email campaign, I have already emailed the main TV news stations (channel 1-5) in the UK about 16 times. I have also emailed many of the main newspapers and TV news channels in the UK, US and even many across Europe around 6 times.  While that is good at raising general awareness it may not be enough to actually inspire these news channels to report our issue directly...

So how can we get our issue reported on mainstream media? How can we get our foot in the door?

What we need is a different approach to getting the mainstream media to report our issue. We need to 'physically' network our way into these organizations. What I mean is not sending an email is in the 'virtual' world but speaking to people in person and networking with people in person is in the real 'physical' world and that is the best way that I believe we can achieve this. We need to network and market face to face in the 'real' world. We only need one major breakthrough. We only need one real networking success to work our way in. I am not saying to never use email to raise awareness just that in my opinion we need to network our way into these media networks. 

So how can we network our way into the mainstream media for them to report our issue?

If you or another Targeted Individual know someone directly in the mainstream media then you have a direct route in. If you know the right contact then of course you can contact them yourself as it's likely you have credibility. If another TI friend has this contact in the media then either they can do it, they could refer you, or you could do it together (3 options depending on what will work best).


Directly knowing the contact or getting a credible referral in are the best ways.


The contact in the media could be anyone! However, it would preferably be someone that can help you directly e.g. a journalist or a news manager etc. If you can't get a referral to someone that can help you directly then it is still worth getting a referral to anyone in the media company who may be able to pass you on to someone who can help more directly.

So why is a referral the best way?

Other than directly contacting a contact in the media that you know well yourself a referral is the best way for the following reasons***...

1) If someone refers you it says that they like, trust you and think that you have credibility. IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN TRYING TO COLD CALL OR WALKING IN AND SPEAKING TO SOMEONE IN A RECEPTION (ETC) THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW AT ALL. 

2) If someone refers you then it is simply much easier to get what you want (or to get 'the sale' in marketing language).

A referral is especially good if it is from a credible referrer. What credentials does your referrer have? Are they well respected and liked? (and especially by the contact you are trying to speak to?).

***Please note that in many instances a referral may be better than you contacting them yourself (even if you know them) if your referrer has got a lot of credibility and respect (especially in the same or similar industries). For example, you may not know the contact you are trying to contact as well as your referrer. You may not also have as much professional credibility or knowledge etc. Your referrer may be able to help you in many ways other additional ways other than just referring you. We have to be smart in making the best decisions bout how to speak to your wanted contact. There are no perfect methods.

Are there any other ways to effectively get into the mainstream media to get this reported?

Yes there are many. The above method is just a very good proven and recommended strategy by professional business networking groups. This means I would like people to try and use this strategy as a priority.


That said, please use your creativity in the ways that you can get this reported by the media!

I advise forming a team of people in your local community. The more people that are working on this together the better the chance you have and the more potential referrers you will know to get referrals from.

Please also be aware that it is also a great strategy to invest the time in getting to know someone who would be an excellent referrer to valuable contacts in the media. If you know that a particular person is well connected in the media and knows specific people in the media (that have the power to report the issue) then it may be worth investing the time in getting to know them (with that in mind).

What are some simple Networking tips/ strategies?​​​​

  1. Be credible

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be professional

  4. Be polite

  5. Be likeable!

  6. Be confident!

  7. Never rant and be persuasive when needed!

  8. Without being pushy be persistent in asking for the referral and following up. Follow up as many times as you need!

  9. You will have to play it by ear whether to mention that it is about Targeting to your potential referrer. They may not refer you without knowing what it is so if that is the case (or if it is beneficial to let them know) then explain it. In most cases it is probably best to give them as little info as possible and/or make it easy for them to believe and see why it is important. That may increase your chance of getting a referral. Better to say victims of directed energy weapon abuses or Havana Syndrome rather than talk about mind control or Targeted Individuals if you need to explain. These are more easily accepted terms.

It is advised that TI's read books on Networking as this is one of the key skills we need alongside Personal Development, Marketing skills and public speaking.

Remember that if you pray and use the Law of Attraction regularly to succeed in getting a referral to your desire contact then it is 3 - 10 times more likely to happen. Please pray regularly for the success of any campaign that you are doing including this one.

PLEASE JOIN THIS CAMPAIGN. It may be best that we try and approach the local mainstream media channels i.e. ITV Yorkshire rather than the ITV national channel as one example. This is because it may be easier to get in there but still have a significant effect of getting the ball rolling for other mainstream media channels to get involved with our cause.

Once we start getting this in the door then others will likely follow.

To summarise


  1. Research who your desired contact is and then seek finding someone who can refer you.

  2. Or have a good think about all the contacts who may be a credible referrer into any the media organizations, or potentially know someone who may be (who they could refer you too). See how you link yourself to the goal?

  3. If you know someone who is a good media contact personally please feel free to contact yourself but only if you believe you have credibility. If not seek a referral to that desired contact in the media. 

  4. Form a team to increase the amount of potential referrals.

Keep following up, keep networking and don't give up! Keep reading books on networking. Remember to keep making connections and asking around. Networking can be a full time job but its worth it because its the number one strategy we have to get our foot in the door in the media!

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