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PACTS ntl International community survey

PACTS – International community survey

PACTS – are doing an international community survey. See details from their latest newsletter below & how to submit a survey to them, as well a link to the newsletter.

Thanks to those who are participating in our ongoing community survey. We hope to get up to about 500 respondents before completing the project. We are up to around 200 at this time. So thanks again for all who have participated and to those that plan to.

Some observations so far:

  • Being single is by far the largest demographic in our community – (70% – combining single, never married and divorced)

  • A hefty majority are still female – (61% female vs. 38% male)

  • Those that describe themselves as over 60 comprise the largest age category (42%)

  • In terms of education, the largest category is college graduates (33.9%), even though…

  • A majority are unemployed (57%)

The most current published results can be viewed at the link below.

To participate in our community survey, please click on the link below.

Newsletter link -

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