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Icator - Global Scientific guild event

On March 20th 2024 Icator president Melanie Vritschan and our UK board member were invited to speak at a forensic science relate event.

This event was organised and coordinated by the Global Scientific guild.

Icator’s technical advisor Amy Holem also was a guest speaker, discussing her audio forensics techniques. This is a huge leap forward for Amy in particular in having her work widely accepted and prepared for peer review, so it can then be used in the Icator lawsuit.

Amy Holem spoke first then Icator. At the end of Icator’s presentation, the other scientists present asked us some questions which Melanie, Ali and Amy were able to answer. This has been edited out by the guild for professionalism. With the other guest speakers being from a forensic background, they had no issues in understanding our presentation and technologies used to commit such crimes. They were each aware already of Havana Syndrome.

Some other guest speakers shared concerns for our safety and have been in touch since the event with us for other reasons.

With the event being a success both Icator and Amy Holem have been invited back to speak at the next event in July 2024.

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Apr 25

Many thanks Alison! You are very proactive!

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