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New Austrian TI group details

A new victims group based in Austria has been formed. "Team Targeted".

Anyone living in Austria please reach out to them. The owners name is Jason.

He is from the UK now living in Austria. See a message from him below.

"Hi. I became a Targeted Individual in 2019. Like many other TI's, I'm just a normal citizen who hasn't done anything wrong. I'm just a family man, a dad, a husband. But. I've been placed onto some form of secretive "Targeted List" and I am now subject to daily surveillance and stalking.

There are various ways you can get involved with my website at For example, you can join with me as a group so we can push for change through something called Movement Lawyering.

Also, why not share your own story with me to go on my website and on my Twitter feed. Sign our active petition at We also want to organize an International Targeted Individuals Awareness Month.

Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you". 

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