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Menwith Hill RAF base Yorkshire

See the links below to an interesting story regarding the RAF base - Menwith Hill, Yorkshire.

A Yorkshire based civilian attended Menwith Hill in their car in which they had an array of weapons. They posed as an MI5 / MI6 agent trying to gain access to the base but were quickly detained. They have now been charged having appeared in court and have been placed into the mental health services.

We do not know if this is linked to targeting or not, but over the years there have been numerous citizens groups making complaints about the activities taking place at Menwith Hill base.

See the link and PDF below for details about Menwith Hill.

Download PDF • 2.07MB

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Apr 01

Nothing would surprise me! I would not be surprised if he was being targeted, possibly flipped, had enough! These military sites are awful! I lived rnear Warminster, Wilts,(Salisbury) regularly had military helicopters passing over old home. Targeted at old home by military! I feel for this chap, just hope he's ok! Thank you for posting about this, and all the work which you do on our behalf!

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