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Call for translating research on relation between police, justice and mental health

Updated: 4 days ago

In 2017 Nicolas DESURMONT has published an article , “Biopsychiatrie, loi du marché et politique criminelle: les récentes tendances.” an article published in the journal - Psychologie clinique Psychologie clinique, 2017/1, no 43, pp. 152-170. Readable on line.

Since then he has continued his study, aware of the personal case of Mrs Vritschan".

They were both interested in actual police and mental health services documents which depicted diagnosis, sectioning, sur-medications and analysing reports.

They wanted to tell the story as it is, that there is no real or correct diagnostic criteria in the DSM5 or EU version the ICD - which is designed to help identify and distinguish between persons experiencing true mental health related illness and targeting. And that there is a common thread among TI's of that there seems to be a global protocol for such authorities and institutions to follow - which details in short - to apply a mental health label on victims, discredit victims and ignore what they are saying completely.

Having spoken with and received numerous documents for study from victims in our community and being in contact with actors of the industries, with scientific's and other types or sources, he was able to go deeper in its reflexion on the relations between justice, mental health and the crucial role of the police in this relation. This work could be known of the international community through a translation.

Anyone who knows of a translator, active or retired, or persons working with languages or linguistics - please let the Icator team know.

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