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Icator Lawyers Association Conference 2022

Icator recently held a Conference via our lawyers association.

The conference was to help in raising awareness & to aid in obtaining the 25,000 signatures required for a petition.

We must show all efforts have been exhausted outside of the court room before the Lawsuit can be filed. The petition is to ban the weapons systems & will go to the Belgium Parliament.

Our lawyers association have around 70,000 followers & will help by signing it, victims & members of the public can also sign.

The petition should be online by the end of April & once completed the Lawsuit should then be filed. Time management at be allowed for any complications.

The conference was a success & featured an Icator presentation, guest victims from.aroynf the world sharing their experiences, Technical Advisors & our head Lawyers.

I have been tasked with updating the website & The Testimonials, presentations, speeches & other files are now on the Icator website for all to view & download.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Kind regards

Stay Safe

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