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Icator Conference December 3rd 2022

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

On December 3rd 2022 Icator held a conference via our lawyers association - Droits Libertes (Rights & Freedoms).

This conference was set up for our technical advisor Amy Holem of Aimees Audios, In order to publicize her work & evidence collecting methods for peer review purposes to ensure it will be accepted into the court system.

Amy spoke for a few hours & did a presentation. Our lawyers introduced her, Melanie Vritschan Icator president & an ex board member & engineer - Luc Vervliet - also spoke.

Our head lawyer explained to the guests that this matter is very serious & that victims of these crimes are not being protected or represented properly, this is the most serious human rights abuses cases in history.

There were around 80 people in attendance. Including legal & medical professionals & other engineers, as well as some victims. There are two videos from the conference on the web link listed below for all to watch. (Amy Holem's section cannot be shown for legal reasons)

It was a success & has started the ball rolling into an evidence review period. Our lawyers now want to setup an in person meeting during the first few months of 2023 in order to meet with victims & go through & discuss their evidence & how it can be used in the Icator lawsuit.

We will be inviting those who recently had a thermal imaging scan conducted by Amy Holem to this meeting, as well as others who live in Belgium & close by for convenience.

Once we have more details about this we will of course inform all members & victims around the world.

We need to ensure we work with our lawyers & in a timely manner, as we keep moving forward other things arise which must be looked into & dealt with, so we must continue fundraising. It is with your membership payments & donations that this is made possible. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our very supportive members & other victims who have donated along the way.

In other news, our recent meetings with Mr Barrie Trower & Amy Holem resulted in myself compiling a list of various tests people can have done. This is work in progress & will be announced as soon as completed.

We thank you for your support.

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