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Can you imagine what the government has??.

So you will clearly see how easy it is to make a lethal directed energy weapon in the comfort of your own home!, listen to the health problems he correctly states at the start of the video and the warnings he also gives, now imagine if a school boy can make this in his garage, what level of technology does the powers that be have at there disposal?,many innocent victims around the world could tell you the answer to that question as they are being tortured with it in a relentless fashion every minute of every day!.

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This is SOME of what the "government" has:

core tech

Satellite Surveillance

Nano Technology

DNA Mapping

Complex Predictive Algorithms

Behavioural Analysis/Mapping

Artificial Intelligence

and a combination of some or all of those is used to do some pretty extreme things to victims, such as

Deciding exactly WHO the victim meets in the street, and putting words in to that persons mouth to say to the victim, it was use in the Litvincenko assassination in 2006 carried out buy UK nationals who I know personally, and am persuing a human rights case against for a huge variety of crimes with regard to this , over 40,000 instances of surveillance abuse n that time and counting. My 21 year class A eye…


Shane I think I have already documented the technology I KNOW they are using & what they are using it for, including assassinations, Satellite Surveillance, Nano tech, DNA mapping, Predictive Algorithms with AI mean the they can track and manipulate a victim at will 24/7 and do some pretty nasty stuff to the victim. I am looking now at over 40,000 instances of this kind of abuse on me, and I CAN NOT GET ANYONE TO BELIEVE IT. yet I am a Class A direct eye witness to not only its use, but some of the individuals involved. After being made homeless at 47, then abused for the next 13 years, it is little wonder that my life is i…

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