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A brief explanation of the Gangstalking/Targeting program.

Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by a group of cowardly people to instill mental instability within there chosen victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and destroy every aspect of there chosen victims life!, even to the point of pushing there victim to suicide!.

A victim off gangstalking will have there reputation, there credibility, there relationships and entire life put into ruins by the cowardly parasites that conduct this hideous torturous program against them.

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wowsah66 blundell
wowsah66 blundell
Mar 01, 2020

Hi everyone

Im new here, I believe Ive been targeted now for around 18months...and had emf issues and symtoms since late October 2019...still the daily pain legs -,feet - tinnitus - poor sleep...NHS!!!

...Im off for a look around the site :)


Its all the same network Shane, around 5-10K of them in London alone, and significantly, many are foreign, ie German, Russian, USA, Israel etc, and also many in financial services industries. These people have a specific interest in the population as a whole in working for the lowest wages possible, which is why salaries in general are low in the UK, even highly paid ones by comparison, and as for unqualified people, it is literally slave/starvation time. The whole concept is seriously crooked. Its backed by the UK government, who don't give a flying F*** whether anyone live or dies outside their own cosy club. My human rights case is based not only on the fact that I "worked" fo…

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