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Wikipedia have threatened to ban me if I continue with my disruptive editing...

This is the current post:

This is what I edited carefully and with full references to everything:

And this is the message I received:

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Sorry Claire - I forgot to post the first link - -

Me gusta

Thank you Claire - interesting video - this is one of the best interviews I've heard on the subject of frequencies although the man being interviewed doesn't believe sound being weaponised is deliberate (he's clever but naive). I had to mention this interview too because it informs you of the power of your subconscious which "they" really don't want you to know about and is priceless knowledge that gives you control over your health. ( ). The upshot of it is he had water imbued with positive energy which you can do yourself with your intent - this water was then used to hydrate mustard seeds - the mustard seeds that were hydrated with this water were twice the size…

Me gusta

These are two of the lowest they've flown that I've got on video ( ) ( ). In the first 3+ years of being targeted I couldn't record them because just being anywhere near my phone caused me to have blinding headaches that would last for days - so the videos I have are only a small sample of their criminality. I've been followed to the shops - they wait outside and follow me home - been followed to funerals - been followed to and from work (I work in a Print Shop so I hardly think I'm a security threat!) - they've hovered over my roof when I'm in the bathroom or on the toilet and woken…

Me gusta

Interesting you two are both talking about helicopters as a member just sent this video to me (I went on your Youtube channel Brian and saw your footage) but i'm sure everyone will relate to this video. - Thanks for sending it John!

Me gusta

08 ene 2019

Hi Brian me too - I have even had one o f the black helis follow me so low they could have hit he roof of a house and point a gun at me before. It's hard to tell which are which these days I live close to a base.

It goes hand in hand with the gang stalking too...

Me gusta
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