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Warning to members about Anthony Thomas also known as V on YouTube.

I keep getting contacted by survivors whom have either been scammed or bullied by a cretinous man called anthony thomas whom is also know as V, i encountered this fool some years back and even took the time to produce a video warning victims not to get involved with this doughnut of a man, he is known to make promises he has never kept along with the fact that if you give him the oppurtunity he will also rob you blind!, so as a precaution i am posting this video for you all to be informed and to advise members to stay well clear of this rat!.

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Some supplements can build up and become toxic, such as Zinc. Others like Vitamin C you excrete any excess not needed by your body. Best to check on this before taking high doses on daily basis.

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I also take Q10 tablets, antioxidant. Try Boots for their 3 for 2 offers, they have Q10 in a box about cheapest I have seen.

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