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Toxicology & Bloods

Many have been asking about toxicology tests, where to get them & how.

Please see below three website links to laboratories. They are international so can be purchased & sent to almost every major country.

As they are Labs based in the USA, if you are not currently living in the USA you will not be able to order any tests which require a blood sample. You can order any which require samples of – Stool, Urine & hair.

If you order a test which requires a urine sample you will need to freeze the sample overnight then arrange the FEDEX collection for the next day, this is important as if anything goes wrong the sample can be void.

They are kits sent to your own home or address of choice. They are sent via FEDEX & you need to post them back via FEDEX. They are easy to use, come with detailed instructions & results turn around is 2-4 weeks.

There is a list of tests on the Icator evidence page which were recommended by a toxicologist. However, there are many tests on these websites so research is advisable. If you have or know of any health issues you have there may be a test to help with this & be classed as possible evidence.

Some of these tests are listed on each of these websites at different prices. Some of these tests may not be international from each website. EG – on one website some tests are listed as not international, and on the others they are – so please cross reference & find the cheapest version & ensure they can be posted to you. If you make a mistake & buy one which cannot be shipped to you you will be refunded.

Please remember that not all victims experience the exact same symptoms & attacks, types of equipment being used, can differ. Not everyone will obtain evidence from doing these tests. But you would then at least get peace of mind & know to move on to other areas.

The document on the Icator website on the evidence page also has a UK version which you can view. It has a list of blood tests which are also recommended. If you are worried about seeing you normal GP - this list is for tests via the Spire Hospital - Private. They normally will not question you like a GP may do so & these tests are far more extensive than tests via the NHS.

You buy the tests online at - - then visit your closest Spire hospital. They will normally do up to 6 tests at once depending on how many vials are required per test, the amount of vials is listed on the website.

It is advisable to simply say you are getting yourself checked out & wanted to go privately.

Again, not all will obtain evidence from these tests.

You may find you have depleted amino acids, nutritional issues, various types of deficiencies, toxic chemicals & metals in your system, disorders & conditions & more. These can help with healthcare, as evidence & help back up any other reports you may have or be going to get.

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