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Targeted Justice symposium

Targeted Justice are holding an educational symposium about targeting / Havana Syndrome. This will be held Friday the 26th of January between 12-2pm USA central.

Mr Richard Lighthouse, Len Berr, Ana Toledo will hold this event with guest speakers.

Please see the link below for further details.

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Anyone want to forgive, love & ascend?

I forgive i love i am sorry nobody deserves punishment rewwrd and nurture good you will have good.

We all ha e been nurturing foul despot, time to cut the food supply off and feed the community collective consciousness of love as highest vakue equally->

231 340 2596 sending loving healing vibes and intentions for the universe we don't need universal basic income we need universal basic LOVE for ALL!

Running frm unlawful order rn sheriff whistle war criminal won't answer calls texts.

No fbi return calls captains all 👻 like they are artiface of illusory!

I'm deplatformed everywhere, signal nlocls texts. Google blocks texts took acct ad all data I can't ge…

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