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Targeted Justice seeking testimonials

Can you share your video testimony? We will post as a long-term record.

Please keep it under 5 minutes, if possible. We will be sharing some with the courtroom, if the Judge grants us the opportunity.

Send a link to:

You can post the original on, Twitter, Youtube, or any other website.

Sample script:

Hello. My name is Kathy. I am a targeted individual. My targeting started in 2015 in Ohio. It has cost me, my family relationships, my best friends, my life’s savings, and more. In my opinion, this illegal program is part of MK-Ultra and CoIntelPro, which Senator Frank Church exposed in the 1970’s. I have tried to get help from police, government officials, and the courts. I have been mocked, and humiliated. We need this program exposed, shutdown, and the government criminals sent to prison. There must be justice for these crimes.

Please do not name anyone but yourself, or we won’t be able to use the video.

By sharing the video, you agree to allow us to use it in the courtroom, and on our website.

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