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MP reply to T.UK moderator

Stephen Marvin - Targeted Survivors moderator had written to his own local MP some time ago.

His letter was well worded, researched and straight to the point.

He received this response from his MP.

We had been thinking about sharing this for some time but considering privacy issues.

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Angus Morrison
Angus Morrison

Well done

For putting forward a complaint. Most people are left too traumatised to report a directed energy attack. uk. For. my own safety by the UK government. now I live in spain and have lost my career in diagnostic radiography.

The local police in Stornoway have told me that their officers have been attacked by such weapons and. Could only. give. me limited. Support.

IT. seems that.private security firm in the UK is above the law and can attack whom and when it pleases



Thank you. Sorry that happened to you, and you had to leave the UK.

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