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Jacqueline Menanteau Books

The books listed below are written by Icator’s French board member and representative Jacqueline Menanteau. Most are written in French, some are in English. They are available to buy online.

1.Targeted Individuals are revealing the truth about the contemporary world, and they all say this: we used to have a world of great beauty and diversity, and we are now reaching a limit. But that limit will condemn us ALL.

2.The story rotates around the author, and is an account of the people who are Gang Stalking her. It’s a shocking modern day truth, and everyone needs to be made aware of this lunacy. Prepare to be shocked at the depravity and lowness of your fellow mankind. The dark ages are here again, the inquisition, a new more disgusting electronic terrorism version. Have we, as a race, civilized for 7,000 years, learned nothing, this book is a lesson to be learned! The Neighbor would make a great horror movie; it’s a real life horror story!

3.Everything that follows could have been a simple fiction, the story of a deranged brain, it can sometimes seem real and unreal, real and imaginary. Moreover, they often go hand in hand within me, traveling separately in my body and in my mind. I lived every moment of my life savoring them deliciously and with relish. And one day I arrived in HELL. What follows is for once and contrary to appearances a story of the REAL, on the borders of the future. Because it is the beginning of an era where the self will no longer have any place. The tower of hell rises in the middle of Paris. Inside, in jails suspended between earth and sky, Abu Ghraib is being tortured. When you think about it, it might seem unreal, just like Guantánamo. Just like everything else, this is the second time in my life that I have been immersed in the REAL. In my dreams sometimes I fell like a stone There, on the Olympiad slab, I cried out for help, like there in the tropical forest, on a sacrificial stone.

4.I am a 21st century inflatable doll, android, cyborg, transhuman. I have been interested in dolls all my life, and therefore in the work of Hans Bellmer. If I became an android it is because of the torture that I suffer on a daily basis as a Targeted Individual and it is from the heart of my problem that I am writing this book. Bionic woman rolled up and connected by my skull to the computers of the future, so it was important that I, an inflatable doll, could make my mute friends talk about the brothel.

5.The in-between where you only know how to live outside of reality, and especially in the encounter with bodies.


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