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Icator & Targeted Justice legal conference

Melanie Vritschan - Icator president has recently met with Ana Toledo - Lawyer to Targeted Justice. The meeting went very well & we are to hold a conference together via Icator's lawyers association - Droits Libertes - "Rights & Freedoms".

The conference will be held on the 18th of February at 2pm Belgium time.

It is now going to be live streamed. So anyone can watch it & it will be recorded & posted online afterwards for those who cannot join live. In order to attend you will need to register with Icator's lawyers association - Driots Libertes - "Rights & Freedoms' ' - and pay 20 Euros to reserve a space. You would then be sent a zoom link. If you have already registered with them you simply need to login & make the payment. Use the link below. Their website should translate into English. All of Droits Libertes conferences are to pay for & the funds go directly to them & not to Icator. It is a legal conference between Icator & Targeted Justice via Icator's lawyers association. Melanie Vritschan - Icator president, Ana Toledo - Targeted Justice lawyer, Paulo Criscenzo - Icator's lawyer & other Icator board members will speak, discuss our legal proceedings as well share experiences & share important updates. Icator updates - After the conference last December 2020 with Amy Holem of Aimees Audios - Icator have formed a partnership with a Belgian based Drs association. We hope to work with them on having tests & scans available for Icator members which could then be used in the lawsuit. During 2023 we intend to help a members meeting in person with our lawyers in order to review evidence reports. We will keep you all updated on our progress. We thank each of you for your support.

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