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Icator Lawyers Q&A Zoom meeting online

Hello all,

On May 10th 2022 we held a zoom meeting for members & victims to hear from our lawyers directly information regarding the international class action lawsuit, how it will be out forward, the various stages along the way - and - to ask any questions.

A list of the most common questions was given to our head Lawyer prior to the meeting to ensure these were answered.

The video of this meeting is now online for all to watch. See the weblink below.

For these stages we must fundraise so we ask for donations from those who can. Visit the membership & donations page.

We need a push to fundraise to keep moving forward with the lawsuit which is going so well thus far !!! We are generating publicity & working towards goals to help not just Icator members but victims worldwide.

It will take time so we thank you for your understanding and patience.

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