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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Hello all,

Lawsuit Updates -

We had a meeting with our head Lawyer recently, Our current lawsuit position is as follows –

The first phase – Before the lawsuit can be fully filed we must show all efforts outside of the court room have been exhausted. The last of these efforts is now underway.

A petition requesting the weapons systems to be regulated is been drawn up by our lawyers, this requires 25,000 signatures & will go to the Belgium parliament. We need your heping in obtaining the signatures. Anyone can sign it & we hope it will be online during May.

Along with this petition there will be a pre trial hearing which will entail us selecting a few victims to speak & explain their situation. We will be selecting mainly French victims but will have a few others from around the world to show the scope of the matter. If this were to suceed & the parliament regulate the weapons it will be a huge success & make it far easier for victims in other countries to achieve the same.

For this we will arrange a preperation meeting so each participant, Icator & our lawyers are all on the same page. This stage would also be filmed for the Belgium Parliament TV channel. It is legally required that all Parliamentary hearing are filmed, which means it will be live broadcast & recorded to help us with media & public coverage.

The 2nd phase would then be a Penal law procedure. This would be based upon irrefutable evidence only & entail the presentation of victims with irrefutable evidence & an examination of said evidence in order to request the state pays them damages. An investigating judge would be appointed & said judge would select experts to go through the evidence submitted. This stage would be based upon irrefutable evidence only & victims for this will be chosen carfully.

We also held a Zoom meeting with our lawyers for all Icator members & victims to attend during which they were able to ask the lawyers any questions & hear how the lawsuit will be put forward. This video is now online on our website for all to watch.

Each of these steps require further fundraising, we need to raise 5000 Euros for the Pre trial hearing & between 5-8,000 Euros for the Penal law procedure. And a further 10,000 Euros to pay for the experts appointed by the investigating judge & ourselves.

We ask for support in the fundraising from those who can afford, every little helps.

Below are the full details regarding the lawsuit & how we are working towards it with our lawyers.

Icator & it's Belgium based members would be the Plaintiffs & any non Belgium residents will be Witnesses. Our lawyer is taking this matter so very very seriously he found a way of including victims worldwide. We have victims with evidence joining from all over the world.

Our Lawyer is now part of an association which means that we now have several lawyers involved & it will be a public interest case, which means it will get media coverage & raise awareness. One of our ex board members already knew our head Lawyer.

We recently held a Conference via our lawyers association as they have over 60,000 followers, this was to raise awareness as the case I'd now public interest & to aid in obtaining 25,000 signatures for a petition. The presentations of each guest speaker are on our website. Our lawyers, Icator & Technical Advisors each spoke.

One of who is Daniel Depris who is a Microwave weapons expert.

We must first show all efforts have been exhausted outside of the court room, the petition is been setup by our Lawyers Association & will go to the Belgium Parliament to request a ban on the weapons systems on Belgian territory, they clearly will not do this & at this stage the lawsuit will be filed.

The idea is to have as many victims worldwide participate so we can win & this would set a precedent for the future. So for other groups or individuals legal proceedings the icator case would be the frame of reference when rulings are decided in court.

Victims do not need to travel to Belgium they will be represented & all victims will be heard. Where deemed fit there will be investigations into suspects.

As the lawsuit is been put forward in such a way it means we are all safe to participate & evidence will be safe for future legal proceedings. Please see the lawyers Q&A video on our website as our head lawyer goes into details regarding these factors, see link below.

Once launched our Lawyer will draft up & send to icator board members relevant documents which we would then share with victims. Documents will be legally translated into French. Evidence is welcome & crucial but our lawyer even found a way of including victims without evidence, they can submit a witness statement / testimonial.

At this time we are still fundraising, seeking Technical Experts & obtaining the correct backing. Our president Melanie Vritschan will be meeting with Magnus Ollsen at some point in the new year & we are attempting to have talks with Mr Nils Melzer who was working with the U.N & now the Red Cross.

We are working closely with PACTS in the States, Mr Derrick Robinson Thier President and is the Icator Vice President. Also the Spanish group - VIACTEC are joining as an association, an Indian group Covert energy Torture, Peacepink, Targeted Massachusetts & more.

It is the Belgium government being taken to court for not protecting citizens, if it were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human Rights & or the ICC in which case all Governments would be applicable.

Our Lawyers are currently deciding if the case should be Civil, Criminal or both & looking at different ways we could be compensated.

Anyone wanting to join the lawsuit must become a member of ICATOR first, this is as it will be icator itself representing all victims. It costs €60 to join & an additional donation of €100 to join the lawsuit. Payments can be made in installments as we understand victims can have financial difficulty.

Payments should be referenced clearly with names so we can then sort Thier memberships out properly.

We hope to be sending out membership cards early next year. (The GOFUNDME page takes a commission on each payment so this is €70).

Please feel free to contact me anytime & ask any questions you need to.

Recent radio shows with Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts & Icator can be found on our news page.

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Unknown member
May 15, 2022

I am curious to know how many Targets living in the UK have paid to join the lawsuit and become a member of ICATOR and paid €60 to join & an additional donation of €100 to join the lawsuit.?

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