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Icator EHS medical tests & Dr's Asso'

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

At the recent legal conference held December 3rd in Brussels 2022 - Icator met with a representative of a Belgian doctors association.

We are planning meetings with them in order to discuss the possibility of gaining medical expertise, aid with various tests & access to laboratories.

In accompaniment with this Icator is now in talks with Mr Barrie Trower, who has put her in touch with an EHS - Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - Charity.

Most charities & associations dealing with EHS are trying to have tests suitable to diagnose this condition implemented into national health services around the world. Some tests already exist, and some here in the UK via the NHS. However, they are not listed nor associated with EHS.

Civilians who are NOT targeted individuals can still experience EHS issues, however these charities are aware of our cause.

We have been put in touch with other similar charities in other countries with doctor's on their advisory boards.

Whilst joining the cause of having these tests recognized is slightly out of Icator's goals, considering the other important goals we are working towards, it still may help with these tests for normal people with EHS & victims in the future.

Our main goals in talking with these charities is to help members & victims with medical tests for use in Icator's international class action lawsuit.

Fingers crossed for these talks ! & a Happy new year to all !!!

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