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Havana Syndrome webinar Kings college London.

Held by Mr Jon Stone Neuropsychiatry department at Kings College.

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Websites for use with T-UK campaigns

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The speakers are viewing Havana Syndrome from the perspective of Functional Disorders(FND), which is their field of research. They put forward their analysis, suggesting we should consider that when attention is brought to bare on something mundane, focusing accutely on it can lead to missinterpretation as to the causes of events that occur regularly in our daily lives. eg everyday headaches, dizzieness ,being attributable to Havana syndrome.

Hypervigilance, a common complaint for Targeted Individuals(TI) certainly results in such missinterpretations. However, as TIs know, there is a mechanical element to the source of complaints, which many put forward as directed energy weapons (beam-formed electromagnetic waves). The IEEE state: 5G is a beam-formed technology. One which China has many patented technologies, and…

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