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Anti EMF, ELF, RF, EHS Bath Salt Mix with Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Borax Tetraborate Decahydrate, Sodium Bicarbonate & Bentonite Clay.


1 Pack (Approx 1kg) £20

(Enough for 1 detox bath or 2 maintenance baths)

3 Day Starter Pack (3kg) £54

(Enough for 3 detox baths or 6 maintenance baths)

5 Day Starter Pack (5kg) £80

(Enough for 5 detox baths or 10 maintenance baths)

(Postage will need to be calculated)

You can also make your own capsules out of these salts, either put them in empty capsules or put half a teaspoon of well mixed salt in an inch of water and gulp down in one go as it won't taste very nice, however - everything is edible!



Anti Brain Fog Booster Capsules, this pack gives you a head start with organising yourself buy removing the brain fog, boosting your energy and ridding your body of heavy metals and toxins. 

Ingredients are a mix of:

  • Epsom Salts

  • Dead Sea Salt

  • Himalayan Rock Salt

  • Borax Tetraborate Decahydrate

  • Activated Charcoal

  • Potassium Citrate

  • Potassium & Magnesium Aspartate, Selenium or Vitamin D3 pill 

  • Bentonite Clay

3 Capsules = £7.50

5 Capsules = £11.25

7 Capsules = £14.00

(first class postage is £1.05, recorded or special delivery will be more)


  • No more than 1 capsule should be taken per day

  • the activated charcoal stains all the other ingredients black

Lighter Hidden Camera 04.png
Lighter Hidden Camera 02.png


Not your bog standard, falls apart a week after you buy it, hidden camera system.

This covert digital video camera system has:

  • An Integrated USB Storage System within

  • Expandable memory as it takes an SD card of up to 32GB

  • Simple easy to understand instructions

  • Records in 1080 x 1920 Full High Definition so your videos are clear and easy to follow

  • Extra sensitive microphone giving superb audio.

Even if you just wanted to use it as a secretive memory stick for your files, this device is really good (I've tried most available to buy on the market)

1 Lighter with Instructions = £20

(first class postage included, recorded or special delivery will be extra)

Extension Lead 4 Way.jpg
Extension Lead 4 Way Open.jpg


Wireless GSM audio listening device and sound recorder hidden inside a working as normal electric extension lead which has been safety tested


4 x UK 3 Pin Sockets and a 1 metre extension lead. Insert sim card to call and listen, add credit for auto callback and insert SD card to record sound. A specialised mic is inside which is designed specifically to pick up voices and cut out background noise.

There is also the option to track this via a tracking system, but it's not it's intended use.


All you need is a working sim card and (optional) MicroSD TF memory card to record. To use all features sim card must have credit available, no credit is required to call and listen only. A memory card is required to record only. Recordings are only transferable to PC by removing memory card and inserting into a pc via adaptor. 

Takes EE and Vodafone SIM cards (for best coverage I recommend EE)

£70 each

(Postage via special delivery is £7.95)

(Postage via tracked first class is £3.95)



Earthing Pillow Case with lead

I cannot say enough good things about this earthing product. It changed my life, the zapping and being jolted awake stopped! The build up of EMF and RF in your body is completely discharged whilst you sleep meaning directed energy simply passes through you and out again without hurting or shocking you. Simply plug the cable into the earth point in your plug socket. 

Size 50cm x 80cm (20" x 32") (conductive both sides) extend the benefit of sheets to a direct contact with bare skin on the head/neck and makes the earthing exchange more local to the neck, head, sides of the face, upper back. 

  • Earthing or grounding pillow cover has conductive silver threads on criss cross pattern as Earthing sheets, on 100% cotton. Use only with coiled cable for pillow covers as precaution against neck entanglement. 

  • This can be washed with regular detergent that do not contain bleach. 

1 Pillow with Cable £35

(Postage £7.95 first class recorded or £2.95 first class only)

(I can place an order once I have an order for 5 of these)



HD 1080P Portable Hidden Spy Camera

DVR Camcorder hidden inside a usable water bottle with motion detection capabilities.


I ordered one of these and was SO impressed with how easy it was to operate and genius idea.

  1. Press on/off button 2 seconds to turn on 

  2. Press the on/off to start recording 

  3. Press on/off again to stop recording 

  4. Double press button 5 times and blue light flash to open motion detection 

  5. That's it. 

Specifications : 

  • Camera view angel : 65 degrees 

  • Video Format : AVI 

  • Video Resolution : 1920*1080 @ 30fps 

  • Storage : External memory, maximum storage up to 64GB memory via SD card

  • Battery Capacity : 400mAh (Similar to a phone)

  • Rechargeable lithium battery 

  • Voltage : DC 5V/2A 

I've seen these priced at £80 and i've seen them priced at £20 (cheap Chinese copies) I will only ever endorse the one I've tried myself, straight from the manufacturer.

£38.00 each with a UK Plug USB Charger Included

(First class recorded £4.95, Special Delivery £7.95)

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