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UK Thermal Imaging scans

Hello all,

Amy Holem of - - Will travel to Belgium first as part of her EU visit regarding scans & Icator's lawsuit.

She will be in Belgium from the end of October until early November.

Once in the UK, we have meetings with our lawyers & other technical experts including Mr Barrie Trower. We have had to ensure we fit in with our lawyers & experts for the legal meetings.

We will then be in London conducting the thermal imaging scans. We aim for this to be in the second week of November.

Amy will be sending out invoices via email soon. These payments will fund Amy's travel to the UK.

We have quite a few people to scan over a 2 or 3 day period so will put you into groups per day.

We will send emails out putting each of you in touch so that if you wish you can make travel arrangements together. The location will be given out once we have booked it.

Each person will receive a full & detailed report within a few weeks after than scan.

If you have any question please contact Amy or Alison - /

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