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A message to all UK based T.I’s - From Tim – UK victim.

Tim worked in a field which gave him expertise in legal & medical matters & has recently been successful in his own legal endeavours.

He sends a message to all UK based TI’s with regards to a possible group litigation against the Home Office concerning their decision to allow the MET Police to use microwave radiation in law enforcement – The legal ground for us to take action.

The next stage is the collection of the names of person willing to participate in the group litigation, completion of witness statements, preparation of court documents, supporting documents & supporting statutory materials.

See the letter below, this is the letter Tim sent to the Home Office & the Mayor of London. Depending on the response there will be more to be announced.

Once we have their response & if we are to go ahead with the group litigation, we will provide further details.

Letter Before Claim to Defendant - Home Office
Download PDF • 115KB

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1 commento

Count me in/ Thanks for the initiative!

These people will hunt us and damage us regardless of what we do, so we might as well fight, which gives us a chance to win.

The letter is good, IMHO, but the grammar and spelling needs some work

Mi piace
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