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UK Group litigation for TI's in high court

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

We are sending a message out to all UK victims.

Tim, a fellow TI in the UK, as you may already be aware, is currently preparing court documents for a group litigation against the Home Office and Mayor of London (over their decision to allow the Met Police and other UK Police to illegally use microwave radiation device with through the wall sensor in law enforcement) in representative capacity.

Tim has a background in compliance management, radiation technology and medical law and have had some successes in court so far against some of the collaborators of this targeted torture program.

Having been successful with parts of his own personal legal proceedings in the High court London, using his compelling evidence against them in court, he has decided to help every Ti in UK to bring under stringent control the arbitrary use of microwave radiation device with through the wall sensor using judicial review litigation process in the Administrative Court of Justice, London.

He would be the representative & all other victims would need to do is to provide a witness statement using the template provided by him as a guide only, to ensure the witness statements are structure in accordance with civil procedure rules.

The court documents will be filed by the 30th of September 2022, having observed the required pre-action protocol. If won, all the Claimant May be entitled to some compensation, but let it the clear that the main purpose of the litigation is to bring the use of microwave radiation in UK law enforcement under stringent control.

This proposed litigation is a civil suit under administrative law, with Home Office and Mayor of London as defendants and the London Met Police as interested party.

The Home Office as you may be aware is the supervisory department for policing in UK and the Office of the Mayor of London controls London Met Police budget. The London Met Police has been chosen as the only interested party in this litigation because their role in UK national security.

The group litigation would set a legal precedent & could be used as a frame of reference for other legal cases, it would specifically help in wrongful sectioning of victims, false mental health diagnosis; weaponization of the Mental Health Act and more. We could as a group do other group litigations in the future using this case & Tim’s personal cases to our advantage.

As Tim submitted & requested files in July, there is a deadline for the witness statements submission. It is a 3-month time frame. So, any UK victims wanting to take part would have to have their statements ready by September 26th 2022.

If you would like to take part, ask any questions, or ask for copies of Tim’s template & instructions documents to help with doing your statement please contact either myself or Mr Stephen Marvin. Our contact details are listed below.

For those who we will send these documents out to, we ask that you do not share them with anyone else & do not publish them anywhere online.

Closer to the time we intend to hold a zoom meeting for all participants to meet & ask questions.

But if you want to take part your statements need to be done as soon as possible & sending to us no later than the 26th September. The template is to be used for your witness statement & the areas to fill in are highlighted in red & the instructions will guide you. It should not take long to complete.

This is an incredible opportunity, with no risk & a win such as Tim’s efforts to date in the high court have not been achieved before in the UK, so it means a win at group litigation stage is not a far fetch. The more the number of persons submitting the witness statement the better.

We hope to hear from you soon !

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