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Russia Today - Dr Horton & Mr Binney

Another great interview on Russia Today.

Russia Today and journalist Mr John Kiriakou have done numerous interviews with prominent people and victims from the community.

This interview is with Dr Katherine Horton and Mr Bill Binney, and they and Mr Kiriakou do NOT hold back.

See the Gdrive link below, this is a screen recording for those who cannot use a VPN to watch it, with Russia Today being banned in most countries still at this time.

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Lydia Monahan
Lydia Monahan
Nov 04, 2023

It appears as thought he state department is trying to do something to protect their employees from these attacks. I would also like to add that we have to be open to the fact that "family and friends" are doing this to each other. Just as family violence and domestic violence exists with fists and guns, it exists with these weapons and in fact could be much more dangerous to the victim than fists and guns because the scars are invisible, constant, and never ending. Whenever the family member or "friend" wants to try to control an outcome they can use these weapons to elicit a psychological response. It is the highest level of abuse that exists... psychological warfare and…


John Paul
John Paul
Nov 01, 2023

its too bad Mr Kiriakou had to say that in many cases these people are mentally ill. I can assure you that a mentally ill person would not have the inclination or motivation to contact him so that was NO service to the thousands of targeted individuals being subjected to these frequencies without their knowledge and there are also many people allergic to 5G which is 100 times more powerful on our electromagnetic field than 4G whether we acknowledge it or not. Many people just assume that its normal to be more hyper than usual or not be able to sit down and read a book properly.. Anyway, if you're going to be doing interviews to help targeted individuals then…

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