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Neuro-rights Bill Introduced in the Colorado Legislature

Greetings, everyone. We’re off to a great start in 2024 with now a second state legislature introducing a bill that would benefit our community.  This inspires  me to continue reciting our mantra at every call, “HELP IS ON THE WAY!” until it completely manifests.

The Colorado bill is called “Protecting the Privacy of Individuals’ Biological Data” and is being guided by the Neurorights Foundation, the same group that was Instrumental in helping to add a neurorights amendment to the constitution of Chile. The Colorado bill amends a prior privacy bill from a couple years ago with the addition of “heightened protections for collected data about bodily or mental functions” to include “biological data” and “neural data” that can be “processed by or with the assistance of a device.”   

This means as I read it, that if this bill gets passed, that remote neural monitoring would be illegalized in the state of Colorado.  This bill could not only eliminate electronic targeting for TIs in Colorado but also organized stalking as that can only happen by locating and maintaining surveillance on someone biologically “with the assistance of a device.”  

We will talk more about the significance of this bill and the status of the legislation in New Hampshire at our call on Saturday night.

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In the meantime, here is a link to the proposed amending of the Colorado bill – “Protecting the Privacy of Individuals’ Biological Data” – for your review and download:

Many Miracles in Store for 2024!

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