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Maybe An Inspiration Will Help The Quiet Ones To Come Forward...

I made this video a while ago on the back of a powerful video that Shane had posted about another friend of his, a TI that had passed away.. He spoke about having the courage to come forward and I made this video straight after watching it, totally inspired to inspire others to come forward about being a TI. So any of you that are thinking about coming forward, contemplating the repercussions or simply just don't have the courage to at the moment.. I hope this helps x

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Websites for use with T-UK campaigns

Please see a list of credible websites listed below. And feel free to use them when taking part in any of the Targeted UK campaigns. Thank you.


Mar 07, 2019

in my library .. on computer... this video is restricted on library computer..


Key tech being used by these psychopaths

Satellite Surveillance,

Nano Technology,

DNA Mapping,

Complex Predictive Mathematical Algorithms (ie Nash Equilibrium)

Behavioural Analysis,

Artificial Intelligence,

Used to mutate the reality of a victims day/life and done over decades.

Also to send subliminal messages, incredibly, they use the sides of vans and trucks, with the logo or livery as a metaphor or analogy. The messages reveal a disturbing fanaticism and a devotion to symbolism. This is fundamentally an Orwellian/NWO network, its also seriously criminal, see below.

Key members of the network IN THE UK.

Yves Williams, 58, of Mayfair, (in charge since 1998)

Both Tchenguiz brothers, Mayfair, (Owners Cambridge Analytica)

Charles Gabriel, Mayfair, now Surrey,

David Levine, Mayfair,

Roman Abramovich,

MANY more,…

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