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Icator update

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

During the summer months out head Lawyer is away but during his vacation is still working for Icator.

He is working on a piece of legislation requesting weapons systems to be regulated.

This is one part of put current stage, which is a Parliamentiry hearing.

This entails Legislation, a petition & after these a heating which will be televised.

We are needing to fundraise for this & each stage as we keep moving forward. We have already partially the funds for this, but require a last big push to kick start this stage fully with our lawyers in September.

Lives are at stake & we want to keep moving forward in as timely a manner as possible.

If anyone would care to donate please visit -

We understand victims can have financial difficulty so we ask only from those who can.

We thank you for your support & understanding.

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Thank you for taking up the fight. However, I suspect that MPs will argue that the nature of these weapons cannot be revealed because it would allow the country's enemies to know of them.

Don't we need to focus on the fact that these weapons are being used on citizens and residents of this country?

It could be that they get around this last question by getting foreign entities, such as the CIA (via 5-Eyes and the FISA equivalent) to perform these hideous crimes on the people of the UK - hence giving them plausible deniability.

Might we also tackle the question of foreign entities being able to operate in this country?

I'm just throwing these notions out there, hopefully…

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