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Icator UK trip & Legal meetings

During October & November we are planning the thermal scans with Amy Holem here in the UK.

Along with these, Melanie Vritschan & our head lawyer will travel to the UK.

This is in order to start in person meetings with Mr Barrie Trower, our lawyer, Melanie & other advisors.

The trip requires some fundraising as we must cover flights, Hotels, Taxi's & more.

This involves a number of people staying at a local hotel for at least three nights, flights & travel within the UK.

Having looked into flights, hotels & alike we hope to try & raise 2000 Euros to cover all.

Donations from those who can would be highly appreciated. We need to keep moving forward & making progress swiftly.

It is difficult for Melanie to travel as well as our lawyer. Our lawyer has kindly agreed to travel using funds from our initial retainer fee.

We thank you for your understanding, patience & support.

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