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Icator Lawyers Association Conference Link & Details

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Hello, We have received new information regarding the Lawyers Association Conference. With sincere apologies we must make all aware that in order to watch the conference live or the recording afterwards you must become a member of the association. This has a small cost of €15. This is a one off payment & you would then be able to watch future conferences & videos regarding Icator during our legal proceedings. It is to be paid to - Droits & Liberties, see link & instructions below - the link takes you to the page where you need to register & below are the banking details. Copied & pasted in below are the instructions in English from the website. You will need to also email the association with some details which are listed & translated below. If need be Google translate can be used. To join the association Rights and Freedoms -DL: Payment of the annual fee of 15 euros to the account of DL BE92 7370 5282 4223 and send us your contact details (surname, first name, postal address and telephone) to complete your membership form and this, to the email address: parti.droits. It is to be paid on the account of DROITS & LIBERTES Association Address : Avenue de Tervuren, 186 - Btw 11 a 1150 Bruxelles Iban No : BE92 7370 5282 4223 Bank Address : Head office - KBC Havenlaan 2, B-1080, Brussels, Belgium Local Bank branch Address - KBC Branch Tervuren, Market 4 B- 3080 Tervuren Bic / Swift code : KREDBEBB Please see the Icator Lawsuit Conference link below. After years of searching, we have finally found lawyers in Belgium willing to start an international court case. The Brussels-based lawyers’ association DROITS ET LIBERTES (RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS) represented by its Vice-President, counsellor Paulo Criscenzo, have decided to put our case forward as a Public Interest case. It will raise awareness, generate media coverage & help give our victims community a voice. This also means we now have several lawyers at our disposal. Icator & it's Belgium based members would be the Plaintiffs & any non Belgium residents will be Witnesses. Our lawyer is taking this matter so very very seriously he found a way of including victims worldwide. We have victims with & without evidence joining from the U.S, EU, U.K, Australia, China, Japan & more. Our aim is to have as many victims worldwide participate so we can win & set a precedent for the future & have new laws created. We are working closely with the American group PACTSntl. Also the Spanish group - VIACTEC are joining as an association, along with an Indian & Chinese based associations. We are in talks with others, showing a united front amongst Victims groups from around the world we feel is very important. It is the Belgium government being taken to court for not protecting citizens, if we were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human Rights & or the ICC in which case all Governments would be applicable. Our Lawyers are currently deciding if the case should be Civil, Criminal or both & looking at different ways we could be compensated. We recently had a meeting with ICATOR key people, technical experts as well as Mr. Criscenzo, who decided to organize a major Internet conference to raise public awareness on this issue. The event will be held on 20 March 2022 at 7.30 pm CET. At least 60.000 – 80.000 people, the lawyers’ association followers, will attend this conference. Most of them are « ordinary » members of the public, but the conference will also be followed by other lawyers and local politicians. The conference will be live-streamed on the lawyers’ association’s website and other communication tools and include an introductory part presented by a female attorney, President of the lawyers’ association (10 min), a short ICATOR presentation held by myself (10 – 15 min), technical and medical experts’ presentations (15 min each), a few international victims’ testimonies describing their day-to-day experiences as a victim (10 min each) as well as a large part devoted to our lawyer explaining the organization and the course of the legal process and trial. The conference will end with a questions & answers session. Our lawyer will then ask the members of the public to sign a petition to be sent to the Belgian Parliament requesting an immediate regulation / ban of these weapons systems on Belgian territory. We require 25.000 signatures for this petition. Our lawyer does not expect major difficulties to reach this number. The link announcing this conference is listed below. You will need to reserve a space. With our Lawsuit we hope to not just set a legal precedent & create new laws (Similar to the new Neuro Rights laws in Chile) - But to also raise awareness across the globe as the case is now being out forward as a Public Interest case. We sincerely hope you will be able to attend the conference & also apologize for the inconvenience. We remain at your disposal for any further information you might require.

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