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Icator Lawsuit Updates -


We had a meeting with our head Lawyer today. Our current lawsuit position is as follows –

The first phase – Before the lawsuit can be fully filed we must show all efforts outside of the court room have been exhausted. The last of these efforts is now underway.

A petition requesting the weapons systems to be regulated is been drawn up by our lawyers, this requires 25,000 signatures & will go to the Belgium parliament. We need your heping in obtaining the signatures. Anyone can sign it & we hope it will be online during May.

Along with this petition there will be a pre trial hearing which will entail us selecting a few victims to speak & explain their situation. We will be selecting mainly French victims but will have a few others from around the world to show the scope of the matter.

If this were to suceed & the parliament regulate the weapons it will be a huge ssuccess & make it far easier for victims in other countries to achieve the same.

For this we will arrange a preperation meeting so each participant, Icator & our lawyers are all on the same page.

The 2nd phase would then be a Penal law procedure. This would be based upon evidence only & entail the presentation of victims with irrefutable evidence & an examination of said evidence in orer to request the state pays them damages.

We have also arranged a Zoom meeting with our lawyers for all Icator members to attend during which they can ask the lawyers any questions they may have.

This will be held May 10th 8-10pm Belgium CET time. The link will be sent out soon & it will be recorded.

Each of these steps require further fundraising, we need to raise 5000 Euros for the Pre trial hearing & between 5-8,000 Euros for the Penal law procedure.

We ask for support in the fundraising from those who can afford, every little helps.

Thank you for your support & understanding

Craig Laforest & Ali Smith on the Frank Allen radio show – 4th May 6pm USA eastern time

Sharing lawsuit updates !

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