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How Electronic Harassment Works

Everything in the universe, the MULTIverse is electrical. Based on energy and frequencies. We are part of that make up and our bodies and minds are electrical. Our brain works by sending signals which are electrical pulses (or packets of data) from one part to another and it's the energy caused by this electricity that makes our bodies work.

The spectrum of light (waves) is enormous and we can see just the smallest amount. But just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

Website: reported that during the experiments they carried out, it appeared that synchronous waves are communicating information between two distinct brain regions with two different sets of neurons oscillating together at a specific frequency.

There are two major theories of how the brain generates the mind:

  1. Neuronal connections where electrical signals travel along axons triggering a chemical connection at another neuron’s dendrite

  2. Electrical brain waves, which oscillate together at specific frequencies

  • However, both of these mechanisms occur simultaneously, so maybe they are complementary and perform different functions which we don't know about yet.

  • Another theory of mind is that it consists of information, possibly in the form of electromagnetic energy, which would encompass all forms of electricity in the brain.

This is why we use an EEG (electroencephalogram) when running tests on the functions of our brains, the test involves recording the brains activity. During the test, small sensors are attached to the scalp to pick up the electrical signals produced when brain cells send messages to each other. These signals are recorded by a machine and are looked at by a doctor later to see if they're unusual and this is usually carried out by a highly trained neurophysiologist.

So now we have established that the brain runs on electricity, be it electromagnetic or not, it's still electrical and as a whole, we are electrical beings. Both the methods mentioned above utilise electricity in different ways. In fact, there are many different sources of electricity in the brain. If consciousness in nature, and the human brain, is in the form of information, electromagnetic or otherwise, it makes sense that it could be affected when disrupted or disturbed by an electrical pulse.


Can be considered to be a storage unit, kind of like RAM (random access memory) in a computer, that’s how it's considered in our 3D world. However in the magical world of Quantum Physics it’s known to act as a quantum antenna of sorts which is two way, meaning it can receive as well as transmit data, this is done via something called a Scalar Wave.

Nicholas Tesla and the Scalar Wave (or Scalar Laser)

Tesla is best known for having invented DC electricity, a type of 3 phase electricity used world wide, he also invented the Tesla coil which is how radio and television came about, so he's therefore responsible for inventing telecommunications and radio communications. He also discovered free energy (which is what the pyramids and Stone Henge were built for, as free energy harnessing machines) although that's a whole different topic.

Tesla also discovered the Scalar Wave, the smallest known frequency wave so small and strong it is unaffected by any part of our 3D world as it travels using time, an energy which we often refer to as the 4th dimension. This wave can be programmed to shoot through the earth (the planet) to any precise point faster than the speed of light, it travels so fast due to Einsteins theory of relativity it actually slows time down so much it stops. Therefore it happens instantaneously. These waves can carry data and information at a certain frequency and are completely unaffected by distance or matter (hence it being able to pierce through the earth without losing strength).

Our brains act as an interface for our DNA, like an operating system does for it’s programming language, RAM and CPU. It reads everything and makes sense of it so it can execute the programs. We create an electro magnetic field with it’s own unique frequency, rather like a finger print.

If a scalar wave is programmed to match that frequency and shot to the precise location where we are (all of which is not difficult with today’s technology) the frequencies mesh together to become one, mingling the data contained within the scalar wave and the data within our DNA and brain. By doing this, thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, pictures, memories – you name it, can be placed into a human’s brain and if that person is unaware of this technology they wouldn’t even question that a strange thought belongs to them.

Just as there is good and bad in everything, as much damage as Scalar waves can do, they can also have positive effects on our bodies. If you would like to read more on Scalar Wave HEALTH benefits, click here.

Weather can even be controlled by this technology and HAARP uses it regularly. This is how electronic harassment, mind control, crowd control and many other ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ conspiracy theories work.

This picture is the HAARP weather control / weapon seen in Russia

Locating us and finding out our personal frequency

Chemtrails have been raining down smart dust for a few years now, tiny RFID chips and AI fibres designed to mesh with our skin and live on us like a fungus. The more electro magnetic fields around us, the more these vibrate and stick to us. The more and more build up on our skin, we start glowing up like a SOS beacon to the electronic harassment AI program, it reads our frequency and sends out a scalar wave to lock in with us and away it goes, zapping, torturing, placing thoughts, voices, dreams, emotions and all kinds of things in your mind, body and soul.

The only way known (so far) to get rid of this fungus which some refer to as Morgellons is the anti oxidant baths and supplements I talk about it my videos and Lookoutfa Charlie talks about. The more you dedicate time and resources to removing this fungus from your skin, the better you will feel, the less negative thoughts will enter your head and you will be able to think clearly again. At the very worst, you'll be healthier! There’s another process I’m going to try soon which is quite a harsh candida stomach purge, it makes you quite ill but gets rid of fungus and all sorts from your body.

I know this to be true because the few occasions when I haven’t used the salts and supplements for a few days, I immediately feel it starting up again. So until someone figures out a more permanent way, this is the only way to get rid of the SYMPTOMS of electronic harassment and directed energy. This is being pulsed through my house daily please see below video, you can actually SEE IT pulsing.


It's been about 11 months since I posted my "How to stop feeling electronic harassment symptoms" video, and so far I have been contact by 9 TI's letting me know it's worked for them! Two mentioned they were on the verge of suicide it had gotten so bad for them and they tried this as a last resort.

I’m so so pleased it’s helped and I’m in the midst of organising discount deals with the supplement places so I can pass these on to you as it’s a constant expense, but in my eyes, worth every penny if it keeps it at bay.

Hope this explained a few bits and bobs for you, if you have any questions, please ask away!

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02 de jan. de 2019

the "fungus infection" belief is nonsenses its not the cause but might be consequence of being targeted ...deteriorating health ... we have the documents on how this tech basically works ...we don't need "loners" making "beliefs" up and spreading misinformation around ....also his other videos clearly shows he's no idea what he's is doing ... I look for verifiable information from creditable sources also I come across his video all the time ...and have to point out the completely nonsense and dangers of it

Respondendo a

Where is your proof that it’s nonsense also a unknowns member


I also have the best phone available to buy on the market and was brand new. The security footage was taken with a 4k canary security system which has amazingly sharp picture and focus. Sorry, you clearly have a chip on your shoulder and you should do a LOT more research before attacking people that have actually BEATEN this. Have you?

And I don't mean to be offensive, but you sound like a perp


Wow, slow your tone.. There's no need to be so aggressive. I tried his detox as a last resort because i'd had enough, i couldn't take it anymore, I was being brought close to heart attack over and over again night after night. His is the ONLY thing that has worked and like i said, I've had 9 people contact me saying it's also worked for them. So before slamming someone for putting a solution out there that ACTUALLY WORKS, why don't you try it yourself. I don't hear you offering up any alternatives. Can't stand it when people put other people down but don't offer their own solution... Negative Nelly.

And he's absolutely right, candida IS a fungus, it's…


02 de jan. de 2019

instead of watching dubious youtube videos read the declassified documents they tell us how this works ....RADAR .... Bioeffects Of Selected Nonlethal Weapons


02 de jan. de 2019

you posted the EM spectrum chart .... mobile phone cameras are senstive to that light band in the middle called visable light ....they are not senstive to the parts of the EM spectrum they use on TI`s basically RF/Microwaves .... RADAR again this is misinformation that again propagates around that "you can capture the attacks using just a digital camera " sorry you can`t .... it looks like an auto focus problem on the cameras

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