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Amy Holem - Aimees Audios UK & Belgium trip & Thermal Imaging scans

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Amy Holem will be here in the UK during October & November 2022. She will be attending various meetings & whilst here conducting Thermal Imaging scans.

Thermal scans will pick up radiation wounds not visible to the naked eye. They can show up suspicious hot spots on the body & general over heating. Amy takes normal photographs of the body as well & uses these with the thermal images by aligning them together. Victims would receive a full & detailed report. Cost - $300 / £255.

They will be mainly held in Yorkshire, UK. But there may be some held in London as well but at this time we are unsure. After her visit to the UK she will also travel to Belgium. For the lawsuit we need as many Belgian victims to be scanned. They would need to be Icator member with regards to the lawsuit in order to submit the evidence. If there is time Icator members from EU countries can travel to Belgium to be scanned.

What we can do is get those wanting the scan in touch & help arrange for people to travel together if they wish. We would be able to scan between 3 - 4 people a day.

Anyone who is an Icator member & would like to be scanned please contact us as this would be superb evidence for the lawsuit. If many victims have them done it helps with presenting common threads / complaints in the legal proceedings which is very important.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to be scanned & we can provide further details & answer any questions.

Many thanks

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