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International Targeted Individual Day
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is a person who has experienced personalised harassment which affects or changes their life negatively. They are placed into a type of 'program' that targets them and them only. There are many different theories as to why this happens and how the targets are chosen, but the common denominator in most TI's accounts starts with them upsetting someone who has 'connections' to a powerful organisation of some description. This could mean getting on the wrong side of someone who has family in the military, a governmental agency or even powerful gentleman's clubs.

There are various methods which can be used to target these individuals such as GPS tracking, hacking mobile devices, drone surveillance, micro wave technology incorporating directed energy weapons known as DEW or non lethal weapons. Prolonged exposure to this kind of radiation makes a person weaker, lowers immunity, can give them cancer, heart failure and/or depression which can lead to suicide. This technology can also be used to create audio hallucinations known as V2K (Voice to skull) where technology is used to transmit frequencies into the brain of a human being disguised as that persons own thoughts. There are patents available to be viewed or downloaded for all the technologies mentioned on this site.


Another tactic is known as gang-stalking and street theatre where people are hired to spread rumours and cause issues making it difficult for these people to continue their daily lives. This could mean starting fights, getting them sacked from jobs, following them shouting abuse, trying to cause car accidents by way of 'brighting' or simply running them off the road. This tends to cause the victims paranoia, especially when they experience being followed home, having bricks thrown through their windows and the knowledge that strangers have been in their home due to personal items being moved around or broken. This is also known as gas lighting.


It's important to note, that many of these targeted people were once highly regarded professionals such as doctors, business owners, lawyers, solicitors, members of the military and police to name just a few. But more often that not, as a result of the targeting, most have lost everything including their jobs or career, friends and family, homes and now have little to no money - which is part of the program. 


A non TI advocate is Professor and Scientist Dr Barrie Trower, an English ex CIA whistle-blower who has made it his mission to stop the installation of WIFI in schools due to the damage that radiation causes children. He used to specialise in micro wave technology and some of his accounts are truly terrifying. Click here to hear his stories



According to the Urban Dictionary, a Targeted Individual is a person who has been singled out by a criminal syndicate called "Organised Gang Stalking." The targeted individual is under 24 hour surveillance and is stalked by large groups of various criminals. The new technologies have brought about the possibility of this crime. All of the wireless devices can be hacked and tracked. The criminals carry non lethal weapons in their cars and use them against the Targeted Individual. The weapons are both easy to buy or easy to make. They use lasers, dazzlers, hand held microwave, x ray devices, plasma beams, and other directed energy weapons. The stalkers are working full time to discredit the victims of this crime and to insinuate they are mentally ill to silence the victims. There are now so many victims that the crime is no longer being denied. Even the Department of Justice has verified the fact that group stalking is on a significant rise with a government survey. In a 2009 DOJ study verified there were a total 3,398,630 reported victims of stalking. Out of the total number of stalking victims 13.1 % documented that they had at least 3 or more stalkers. A quick average of the figures (441,821 victims had 3 or more stalkers) (200,000 victims had more stalkers than they could count).


Shane Gibbs, one of the main targeted individuals chosen to appear on a Vice documentary about the program was so disgusted by the way they were portrayed in the documentary, he decided to make it his mission to get the word out there and get as much help as possible for the victims of this technology and crimes against humanity. With help from other targeted individuals he has put together a team in the UK to create this website, offer tips for security, setting up support groups and has set up a TI-Poll to be able to record numbers but also connect TI's that are near to each other, as with any other victimisation, it's always a relief to talk to others who really understand what each other is going through.

Website was asked:

What is a targeted individual? I've seen a lot of questions lately involving targeted individuals and I'd like to know exactly what a targeted individual is.

Linda Ruth Bess; a Writer, Editor, Poet and Musician replied as follows:

A targeted individual is a person who has been singled out because of his or her activism, whistle-blowing, or political/ideological dissent.

Tactics used include the following:

  1. illegal surveillance (bugs placed in home, work, vehicle)

  2. illegal wiretapping

  3. illegal investigation of all personal and private documents including medical and financial records

  4. waves of criminal activity including vandalism, poisoning, break-ins, theft and sexual assault

  5. hacking of all electronic devices

  6. harassing phone calls, texts & emails

  7. redirects to gang-stalkers when the target calls for help or assistance

  8. organised harassment & stalking (by law enforcement, private security firms and ordinary citizens)

  9. and being ostracised by entire communities based on slander and rumours (usually outright lies said about that person)

These tactics are akin to what East Germany’s STASI used. Gang-stalking (organised harassment and stalking) tactics are based on methodology developed by the FBI and CIA. Theoretically, this modern-day blacklisting program is a contemporary and more expanded version of COINTELPRO.

I can attest that I have undergone heinous treatment by complete and utter strangers and endured changed behavior and attitudes by persons I thought were my friends (or in the very least, were friendly acquaintances).

To explain being a targeted individual (TI) would require far more than a comment section on Quora, but in essence, a person who is truly targeted is chosen for his or her uniqueness. If you research further, you will find a great deal of misinformation online. You will find some outrageous claims. The main purpose of targeting a person is to quiet them, to ruin their lives, and to make them appear to be insane. In some cases, TI’s are driven to suicide or to committing crimes and end up dead or in prison. Two examples of TI’s include Gavin Long (the Baton Rouge Killer) and Myron May (the mass shooter in Tallahassee, FL).

Theory is that electronic weaponry is used on TI’s as well. I can attest I experienced some mental and physical sensations that could not otherwise be explained when they happened, but when I researched technologies used on TI’s, I decided that these techniques could absolutely be the reason I experienced what I did. (See source: Electronic Harassment)


However Wikipedia (a site that can be added to by anyone and should never be considered an authority) tries to discredit these millions of people by saying: Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture or psychotronic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people's heads, affect people's bodies, and harass people. Individuals who claim to experience this call themselves "targeted individuals" who are victims of gang stalking and many have joined support and advocacy groups.

Multiple medical professionals have evaluated that these experiences are hallucinations; the result of delusional disorders or psychosis, the same sources from which arise religious delusions, accounts of alien abductions, and beliefs in visitations from dead relatives. It can be difficult to persuade people who experience them that their belief in an external influence is delusional.

We ask, that if you are not a targeted individual, you keep an open mind and take the time to make an educated decision based upon the honest and truthful testimonies given by TI's on this site. If you are a TI, welcome to our site, we hope that having a forum to discuss your opinions and experiences is helpful and we welcome you to contact us, if there's anything you would like to see added to the site. 

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