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This interview should give us all hope!!.

This is the latest interview by an American targeted survivor called Richard Lighthouse, the work he has and indeed continues to put in to exposing the global targeting program is pretty damn amazing, he is breaking down the structure of the program and following the money so to speak what he talks about in this interview should give every victim worldwide hope in the fact that freedom isnt to far away!,just look at how much exposure and how many more people and organisations are talking about the global targeting program compared to a couple of years ago!,stay strong people I know some of you are really suffering out there but just hang tough!, dont let them win!.

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Following the money is a VERY appropriate term, many of the criminal spies (that's what they are) who were involved in my manipulation and subsequent abuse were (and still are) very wealthy members of not only UK but other countries societies, something I think is very significant, with members in Germany, Israel, Russia, USA and others all operating in London communicating completely tacitly between both members and victims alike. Like some sort of elitist exclusive club to which most of us are not invited. I was just one of the many "social clearances" which took place during the London property boom of the 1997 - 2003 period, most of whom didn't even know it had been done to them. Victim…

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