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The Root Cause (click here to read article and watch all videos)

Those of you who saw my video interviews will know that my gangstalking started not long after I had a C Section in Thailand and then my wisdom teeth out. In fact, I didn't get out of bed for 3 weeks after having my wisdom teeth out, I felt ill, confused, I was self medicating and when I finally did get out of bed, the fun really began.

Although I have physical proof I was being gangstalked, I sometimes get angry with myself thinking why couldn't I have fought it more, where was the tough, independent girl gone I had been my whole life? Why wasn't I able to deal with the situation better?

Well a man named Jerry Tennant has answered that for me. I subscribe to a channel called Thunderbolts Project which I'm sure most of you will have heard of, if you don't subscribe to them yourself already. Well, they recently put up two videos featuring an interview with this doctor Jerry Tennant which I'll post below.

After watching these I was literally gobsmacked. I'm now left wondering whether the gangstalking in Thailand began because I'd had my wisdom teeth out (and dentists/doctors are aware of the effect this has on a person, knowing they are ripe for the picking, contact their superiors to let them know another 'target' is available to be messed with) or if I was subliminally told to have my wisdom teeth out (as I would never hear of having it done before) or whether it was just coincidental that this all happened at the same time?

I would also be very interested to know, who of you have had severe dental work in the past, if you've had root canals, teeth removed, wisdom teeth removed, major cavity fillings, surgery on your body which has resulted in a scar being left behind? If you have time I would really appreciate it if you would answer a couple of quick questions I've put together in a poll:

First Part

Second Part

If you've watched those and you're still interested in hearing more, the below videos are very good. He certainly repeats himself in the talks below, but I have found I've learnt more by hearing it again plus the more time he has, the more he elaborates on certain points. You find out something different each time.

This is very interestng

Another Talk by Jerry 0

Enjoy and do let me know what you think.

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