Icator Lawsuit updates

Updated: Jun 30

Hello all,

We are currently working towards our Parliamentary hearing stage. This entails our lawyers writing legislation to request regulations on weapons systems on Belgian territory, a petition which requires 25,000 signatures & evidence collecting.

We have to present current findings, evidence & measurements along with the legislation. Two of our technical advisors will help with this. Amy Holem of aimeesaudios.com will be doing audio analysis.

Another advisor will be asking members to use various measuring devices in their homes. This will then be presented to Parliament & the petition will then be online.

Members in Belgium & France can use the measuring devices in their homes. Amy Holem will be analysing audio which can be done remotely so members from any where around the world can pay for this directly to her.

We raised the 5000 Euros for the legislation rather quickly. We now need to fundraise to purchase the devices for members. Any one who is able to & would like to help with donations there is a Gofundme link on the Icator website. A list of the devices will be announced soon & there will be further details to follow. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact us.

This lawsuit is large & will take time, cases in Belgium cannot be done Pro-Bono. As we move forward through each stage we learn of new requirements within Belgian law that need to be met.

During the summer months we have limited time to reply to emails & enquiries so we thank you for your support & understanding.


Kind regards


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