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Newbies: Start Here


We know it's difficult because you quite literally DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Worry not! You are not alone, there are literally thousands of us worldwide all going through these awful experiences that are unexplainable and indescribable - to everyone, except us. We understand, we really do. 


First things first, before you read all the really scary articles online and watch the even scarier videos, let's work out what category you fall into, because there are a few different types of people suffering from similar situations:

  • Non TI with EHS

  • TI with EHS

  • TI with Gangstalking

  • TI with EHS & Gangstalking


We're a friendly bunch, there's a forum with an introductory section, say hi, we promise to say hi back.

Create a profile with a picture and tell your story, that profile belongs to you, it's your voice, your chance to tell the world what's happening to you. It can be updated so change it weekly if you want to. You can post links, videos, pictures, it's your personal space that others can visit. You'll see it has a few other useful info links too. 


There's lots of information under "INFO" funnily enough. And in the links section there are loads of links to so many websites that will help you understand what it is that you're going through, but this is only advisable, once you've figured out which type of member you are. None of the advice given will help if you're looking into the wrong kind of advice.

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