Claire's targeting began with severe gang stalking when she lived in Koh Samui, Thailand in 2015 and has followed her back to England. The targeting changed from physical gang stalking to mainly electronic harassment which she has desperately been trying to protect herself and her young son from. The first video shows (within the first 11 seconds) two directed energy weapon pulses hitting foil she is holding above her head. It's important to note this video has been slowed down so that the pulses are visible. She used to experience this daily and was constantly covered in polka dot shaped bruises all over her body.


The next two videos are Claire explaining how and why she decided to take the advice from a fellow TI you-tuber "Lookoutfa Charlie" and worked out a way to stop her body reacting / attracting the electronic torture and harassment from directed energy weapons.


She has since received numerous messages from targeted individuals letting her know they are also no longer feeling the effects caused by these DEW weapons and no longer feel the symptoms of electronic harassment. These videos explain what to do and why it works.


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